Thursday, 22 December 2016


This year has been rough for all of us it seems. deaths, hateful attacks on innocent people, wars, political 'WTF's and so much more. But apart from the woes like these that I share with so many others, my year has been 'fine' on a personal level; I have a job, I'm about to buy our first house with my husband, all my friends and family are happy and healthy. I'm plodding along. But still, there's something just not right...

As I approach 30 (October 2017) I feel like my life needs a huge kick up the arse. I need a restart - and soon. I've made a few promises to myself that I'd like to share with you. I want to share these for a number of reasons: so I can see them written down coherently, so that I don't forget any of them & so that I feel a little extra push to make sure I try my hardest to follow through with them! They're promises I'm making in the hope of feeling passionate again. Feeling ready to go when I get up every morning. Feel like I'm living a worthy life. These are my promises to me...

N o . 1  Make time to write more for my blog
I've neglected in the last 2 months while I've been settling into a new job and arranging everything for our new home.
It's really important that I start making more time to write as it's something I do for me, that allows me a creative outlet when my mind is full of ideas or life is full of dull.

N o . 2  Begin performing again
I have spent most of my life loving theatre, but over the last few years I've convinced myself I'm not 'interested' in it anymore. The last few months have made me realise this is a massive lie, and that I have simply become so introverted and self loathing of my looks and weight, and that this was the reason I wasn't comfortable enough performing anymore.
I've promised myself to get back in touch with old theatre contact, practice singing and maybe even get a singing teacher & also to join an amateur dramatics group. Writing this promise in particular makes me really excited. Theatre was my life and passion for so long and I can't wait to devote some time to it again. I owe it to myself!

N o . 3  Get a job as close to home as possible
I travel for three hours a day, 5 days a week on public transport to my current job. There are loads of admin jobs in my home town that I could be looking into. Time to get my butt in gear & find something as close to home as possible so I can keep those three hours a day for myself. The mere thought of this makes me smile!

N o . 4  Show my husband how much I love him more often
The stresses & strains of the previous year, and everyday life in general, has meant that affection for one another has taken a bit of a back seat. I have been with Rich for nearly 8 years now and I love him more everyday -  it's time to show him more - he definitely deserves it!

N o . 5  Start to consider a career (change)
I currently work in admin. I don't think I need to say, but it's shit. It was meant to be a short term after leaving university, a means to an end so to speak. 8 years later...
I'm flirted with a few different ideas but I need to commit to considering them all seriously, making a decision & be proactive in making it a reality ASAP!

N o . 6  Go back to church
Woah, woah woaah. How uncool of me, right? But seriously, I need to start going to church again because it does amazing things for me. The sense of community and kindness stays with me throughout my struggles of the week, and really keeps me focused on being a good and kind person.

N o . 7  Loose weight & pay more attention to my body
This is not a vanity thing; I am way overweight now and it's not something I'm conformable with - both on an appearance and health level. Gaining weight has been something that has been a problem for the last few year. It directly correlates with my lack in confidence after I stopped performing. Hopefully one promise will help another in this case!

N o . 8  Make new friends & reconnect with old ones
I know this is the same for everyone, but adult life sucks when it comes to friends. As a teen I had no choice but to spend time with my friends everyday, but once the world of work comes along and fucks your life up, friends become people you see a lot less than you;d like to. Luckily, I have a handful of friends who although I see rarely, will always know and understand me and would always be there for me if I needed them to be. These are the people who will completely enrich myself and support these promises to myself, so it makes sense to pull my finger out and get texting...!

I can't explain who therapeutic just writing that was! I'm committed to these promises & truly believe that 2017 could be a great year for me. And I really can't to work on my happy.

Are you making any New Year promises to yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great Christmas everyone!


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

REVIEW // Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Their claim:
"Smooth as satin. Our dreamy foundation protects, moisturises and creates the look of firmer skin. Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing medium to full coverage."

My thoughts: 
After being approached last month by an Arbonne rep to try out and review one of their current products, I decided on a foundation: the Perfecting Liquid Foundation, in Alabaster to be exact! It was difficult to decide, they have a lot of lovely looking products on their site – I have to admit I wanted to try them all!
Part of the reason I agreed to do it is that although I know my reviews are really thorough and (I hope) useful, I think I have chosen a lot of products that are already hyped and well known. Arbonne is a brand I’ve been aware of for a while but have never tried.
I’ve been using the foundation for the last 3 week, for at least 4 days out of 7. As I went, I was jotting down notes at various times of day; when I applied (usually in the morning around 6:30am), anything I noticed during the day (around lunchtime) and when I was makeup-removing at the end of the day (around 10pm usually). 

I was writing short, bullet-ed points each day so I decided they should be the main points of the review, with a little more explanation where needed!;

The redness from my spot was completely covered, but my freckles still shone through - Win!

"Shade - Alabaster (closest to MAC shade NW13)"
I found the shade to be almost identical to my MAC Mineralized Foundation in the shade NW13. They offer this foundation in 15 shades, with varied tones. I think they have a great selection and unlike a LOT of brands (even high-end ones) their lightest shade (the one I tried) was definitely a true, very fair porcelain. Win! This is a BIG factor for me in Autumn & Winter.

"Very good first impression!"
I wrote this three times on the first day! I hold my hands up, I didn’t have a clue what to expect when trying this foundation, or the brand in general, but from the first application, I was very impressed, as you’ll see…!

"Nice glow - not over the top, natural"
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover of the natural glow, but I think we’ve all been guilty of taking it a little too far in the name of ‘dewiness’, but this foundation gave me such a lovely natural glow! Usually this comes with a super-light (or at least light) coverage, but as this stuff is medium-full coverage, I was amazed at the skin-like look it gave me! Even with my dry winter skin setting in a now.

"Didn't oxidise during the day (didn’t turn darker or orange-y)"
Time after time I apply a new foundation and feel a wave of joy when it ticks all the boxes at first, but a wave of disappointment when it starts to darken/oxidise during the day, and develop the horrible dried, orange look that’s particularly an issue with higher coverage foundations and conconcealer. But this one really didn’t! I was holding out extra hope for this one, as the shade was perfectly light enough for my pale skin on first application. Luckily I didn’t notice any colour change throughout the day, which I was ecstatic about.

"SPF- Win!"
I’m not always the best at remembering SPF, although I know I definitely should! I think this is because applying a pre-foundation product with SPF can sometimes mess with and weight down the foundation application, or worse, make it slide and slip during the day. So when I noticed there was an SPF of 15 in this Arbonne foundation, it was an immediate plus point, for time-saving and application, as well as lasting wear!

"Medium to full coverage - build-able and comfortable"
My favourite type of coverage – medium build-able! I’ll admit, there are times when barely-there light coverage is a must, but mostly I like the flexibility of medium build-able. This foundation was really true to description in terms of coverage, and too boot, it was really lightweight and not at all thick! Love. It!

Ashamedly, not something I look for enough in my makeup but it’s definitely becoming more and more of a requirement in the beauty world – and rightly so!

"Easy to spread/blend; I tried with beauty blender, brush and fingers."
The blend-ability is normally down to coverage level with a lot of foundation, but as I mentioned earlier, this blended beautifully! And although I almost always use my trusty beauty blender to apply foundation, I thought it would make the test fairer to try with a brush and using fingers too. Second from the Beauty Blender, I’d say using my fingers was my close 2nd favourite. Using a brush was still effortless but did require a once over with my blender when I built up the coverage to full; this is fairly standard though.

Have you tried anything from the Arbonne range yet? Let me know what you tried & your thoughts in the comments!


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Review | Charlotte Tilbury - Dolce Vita Palette

I'd been drooling over this palette for months before my lovely sister Stacey bought it for my birthday (thanks Stace!). I'd seen it all over Instagram, along with the rest of the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury collection and knew it had to be mine! I have grey-blue eyes and I find that warm oranges, reds and browns really make them 'pop' (although I hate that phrase...), so I knew as soon as I saw the colour combination that this was going to become my Autumn-Winter go to!

Firstly, I wanted to address the amazing packaging - I really almost didn't want to use the product because it looked so pretty! There are 4 eye shadows that are perfectly presented in a dark maroon and gold palette. The palette itself is compact and will be great for travelling with! There is a mirror (hurray!) and the overall feel of the product is comfortable 'weighty' and has a definite premium feel! The price tag does unfortunately match the premium feel as it is priced at £38, containing approx 5.2g of product (which seems good for a small palette!).

Onto the shadow! They're all technically in the 'shimmer' category, I suppose, although all but the glitter shade are more metallic on application. The shades don't have names, per se, and are simply labelled on the back of the palette as:

1 – Prime
A creamy, champagne shade that's great for a base for a simple look, or something more dramatic!
2 – Enhance
A super-velvety reddish-terracotta colour - the showstopper shade for me!
3 – Pop
An amazing Gold/Bronze glitter that isn't at all gritty or 'draggy' on the eye like some cheaper shadows.
4 – Smoke
A deep, warm brown with a subtle gold metallic undertone. Great for a more sultry, smokier look.

All four of the shades apply really well (like you'd expect for the price...), and have a really premium feel and lasting wear. I have tried a few time to apply the glitter and red shade with a dampened brush (I just used a setting spray) and it makes the colours reaaaaally intense - which obviously I love! Sometimes more red-toned shadows seem to be a nightmare to blend, but I honestly never have a problem with the enhance shade which is a definite reddish beauty!

In conclusion, if you're looking for a day-to-night, high end all in one - this is the palette for you!


Monday, 31 October 2016

Recent Favourites

Not sure I’ve ever done a current favourites post before! It’s definitely something I always intend to do but never seem to get around to. But there are a few items recently that I am just in LOVE with, so I had to tell you all about them and, of course, why I love them so much!

Yet again I am late to the party with another cult product. I think I hadn’t tried it before now because I snobbishly assumed because it was a high street product that it would be as amazing as it is! But having been using this stuff daily for the last few months, I am totally converted. I have fairly pale skin most of the time and I feel like this is perfect for me because there isn’t too strong a colour to the highlighter, just a beautifully finely-milled ‘sheen’. The colour that is there is very neutral-pearl, and I think it would actually suit most skin colours. This is going to be a staple make-up bag must have for a while to come I think!

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Paint – 01 Chained
I’m not sure if it’s my age (30 next year, eek!), buy my eyelids are starting to become more dry in the morning/evening and more oily throughout the day. Before this started happening I’d never really explored the world of cream eyeshadows, but since I started using them I have seen a huge difference in the way my eyeshadow wears throughout the day. This one in particular from Estee Lauder is a gorgeous bronze metallic that has AMAZING wear throughout the day! I do still love a good quality powder shadow, but feel like if I want an eye look that is quick, easy and will last the day, then cream shadows are the first thing I reach for!

I decided to try these as an alternative to exfoliating beads after reading some horrible reports on how they aren’t degradable and are killing off a lot of our sea life. I saw Caroline Hirons talking about them earlier this year as one of her go-to high street favourite exfoliators and I must admit I’m not the least bit disappointed with them! They’re a little on the pricey side for high street skincare @ £12.95, but they are worth every penny in my opinion!
I’ve been using them daily for the last 5 weeks and I can see a very obvious difference in my skin. I’ve been making sure to use an SPF afterwards when using them in the morning though, as they do leave your skin sensitive to the elements!

I tried this for the first time this summer as I was looking for an alternative to the all-night, sticky, uncomfortable feeling that I was getting from the St. Moritz mouse. Although there is still a bit of a weird feeling on the skin after being washed off, it’s a LOT more comfortable for anyone like me who likes to sleep in developer tans! The idea of this product is that you apply it 10 minutes before you have a shower, wash it off when you’re in there, and 8 hours later you look like a bronzed goddess…
A few things I’d add to this process; be sure to thoroughly moisturise before application, wash your hands really thoroughly afterwards, leave it on for 30-40 minutes for a more noticeable (but not orange) tan! It does leave you with a beautiful colour that last quite well between 4-6 days.

I bought this after it was recommended by a few of my friends to help me repair my hair a little (bleached highlights took their toll on my locks eventually). I’d been using a lot of leave-in or deep conditioning masques on my hair, but they were all starting to leave my roots rather greasy, despite me only attempting to apply them to then ends of my hair. Bed Head in general is a great brand used in a lot of salons worldwide. I’ve used they’re styling products for quite a few years now, but hadn’t given the shampoo and conditioner a shot, for some reason. 
But they have worked wonders for balancing out my oily-roots-dry-ends hair!
They have a 1, 2 or 3 ‘repairing’ scale, with mine sitting at level 2. I’ve actually started to condition my hair first, followed my shampooing and that seems to making a huge difference as well!

I hope you enjoyed reading that roundup of my most recent faves! Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of them, and what you thought!


Wednesday, 12 October 2016


After watching American beauty gurus for SO long with an envious gaze, I finally got my hands on the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette! I've had it for about 2 weeks now and I have used it every. single. day! I am a massive fan using of eyeshadow as I think my eyes are probably my favourite facial feature, so it's so exciting when I find an eyeshadow palette I love so much!

Before I go any further, I can confirm that yes, it does smell like peaches! I don't have a sense of smell, so this is a second-hand opinion from my hubby, but he was VERY impressed with how fruity it was!

I've decided to break my review down into categories to make it a little easier to read/follow - let me know what you think of this format!

The pigment is mostly AMAZING, apart from (unfortunately) the peachy pink colours (Just Peachy & Candied Peach). Don't get me wrong, they're beautifully 'light', but they aren't as strong as they appear in the pan.
Obviously the lightest colours are, well, lighter! You can see in the swatches above that some of my favourite lighter, the shimmers  (White Peach, Luscious & Cobbler), are so finely milled that the glitter doesn't look too chunky & cheap at all! The darker colours are so deep and true to the colours you see in the pans - I love them! The darkest shade, Tempting, is a shimmery deep dark brown. It's great that it isn't black, as I find back is so harsh and hard to blend! This is a little softer with all the drama of a black!

Like I mentioned before, the shadows are not at ALL chalky and dry, instead they are so, SO smooth and feel so buttery! This isn't the case with all with all eyeshadows, but all Too Faced eyeshadows that I've tried to date have this same beautiful silky texture!

Application & Blending
With all eyeshadows I use I've found that the colour pay-off is much better applied wet. I normally dampen my brush by spraying with fixing or priming spray a little before dipping into the eyeshadow. I always find that this make the colour last longer too! I especially love to do this with the shimmer shades of this palette. For the purposes of this review I tried it with and without dampening the brush, and they all applied evenly and smoothly in both instances.
They also blend really well with one another, which is a huge selling point for me when I'm looking for new shadows. Because the colours are so pigmented (in the most part), I'd highly recommend using separate brushes for application & blending, otherwise you have a perfect drag-queen look coming your way!

Colour / Variety
The colours, as you can see, are just gorgeous. There's such a great variety of colours but they ALL work so well together! I love that I can have a million different looks from one palette! I think my favourite everyday colour combination I've worn so far is Cobbler as a base lid colour, with Caramalized as the crease transition and Summer Yum in the outer V!

This is such a playful, but really practical palette that has soooo many look possibilities and colour varieties. Every single shade is wearable, and the smoothness of the application makes it a pleasure to apply. Apart from the two shades I mentioned, the colour is so well represented in the pans. And it smells delicious! 

I hope found this review useful, and that it helps you decided if you'd like to give the Sweet Peach palette a try! It's one of my favourites at the moment - I'd love to know what you guys think if you've tried it too!


Monday, 10 October 2016


I wanted to write a quick review for my new obsession - the Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kit in Gleam! After umm-ing & ahh-ing about which kit to try first (there are 4) I decided to try this one as it seemed the most suitable for my pale skin....and I wasn't disappointed!

Firstly, the thing I was most impressed with was the consistency of the highlighters; the milling is really, really fine, and it makes the product feel almost like a dry cream, and all four shades are consistent with this. This means the shimmer is fine and appears more like a 'glow', rather than a sprinkle of glitter on your cheeks. This is definitely a palette for those who want a natural yet emphasised glow!

The pans are a generous size and are also removable, for anyone who likes to put everything together in one magnetic palette. The packaging doesn't have a mirror, which I guess is no big deal, but it does make thing a lot easier when you're carrying out your daily routine to just use the mirror from the product you're using at the time. Although the packaging is quite big, it is really thin and light. This makes it easy to fit it in a makeup bag or kit.

I've been applying in two different ways; brush and beauty blender. I use a fan brush whenever I'm wearing the highlighter for work, or on a light makeup day. It gives a lighter, more subtle affect but still gives you a beautiful glow. I use a damp beauty blender to get a more pronounced affect if I'm wearing it for a night out, or if I'm feeling particularly sassy! When I wear a full face, I always use powder to set my foundation, which does unfortunately does dull my dewiness. Using this over the top put back in the 'natural glow' look, and looks amazing in photos!

I definitely think this product is worth all the hype it's been getting. I'm going to try another one of the 4 palettes soon, and I'll report back to let you know if it's as good as this little corker!


Thursday, 29 September 2016

Blog Photography - Tips & Tricks

I came to blogging, like a lot of people, through a passion for beauty and style. After starting my YouTube channel I knew that although I love making videos, I would always accidentally miss out some of my thoughts and opinions from the videos I was making. I knew I wanted to carry on making content relating to beauty and style to go along with my videos, and already followed a lot of great blogs that gave me lots of inspiration. At that time I’d already invested in a ‘good’ DSLR camera, so all I had to do was open my creative mind and starting snapping some good products shots for my new blog!

I've been blogging for about 5 months now - trying to get at least 1 good post out a week around - and I can definitely say I love taking photos as much as I like writing! I think the biggest rut I've found my self getting into already is being creative with the setting and background; switching it up enough so it doesn't get boring, but still trying to maintain a consistent style to my photos. I think the pinnacle of blog photography, for me, is for someone to see one of your photograph and know who shot it. 
With this in mind I thought it might be useful for me to share some of the tips that have helped start to find my personal style when it comes to my blog photography!

Tip No.1 Props
I love to use various props when ‘staging’ my product shots; jewellery, flowers, leaves; pretty much anything I have lying around that complement the theme or colour scheme of the shot or shots. Be as creative as you can! I like using a magazine article or front page in photos recently, it’s another ‘trend’ but I do love the look of it!

Tip No.2 Background
I think blog readers must sometimes get sick of white marble backgrounds, but white really is the best colour to use to compliments any product. I have an old IKEA table top that I covered in marble contact paper to use as a background. Sometimes I just used a piece of white A4 paper on the windowsill – it works great! I do occasionally use coloured, or even patterned backgrounds, but only if the product is really simple in design and colour. Other products in the background, slightly blurred out, is also another favourite of mine for any standing products.

Tips No.3 Lighting
I bet you’ve heard this a million times (I know I have!) but it’s true that natural daylight is the best light to photograph with. Sometimes it’s difficult to judge what time of day has the best light, but as a general rule of thumb I like to shoot between 4-8 in the Spring and Summer, and between 1-4 in the Autumn and Winter months. Shooting at mid-day when the sun is at its highest and brightest can often cause harsh, problematic shadows. Working full-time however sometimes means I don’t get to take full advantage of the sunlight, so I have a few other tricks up my sleeve! I bought two soft box stands from eBay for around £50 (take a look at something similar here) initially to use for my YouTube videos, but they’re great for my blog shots too! I also have a portable LED box light that attaches to the hot shoe of my camera for when I need a little more top light.

Tip No.4 Staging 
I like to switch between a mix of random and very organised, linear staging for my blog product shots. I normally end up putting things a lot closer than I would normally think necessary to make them look good in the frame; it’s all about changing and adjusting as you go. Take lots of shots with lots of different staging options – you’ll thank yourself later when you come to reviewing and editing!

Tip No.5 Style
The most popular and trendy style at the moment is obviously flay-lay; it’s the easiest way to take a full, complimentary shot of products (especially make up) but it’s important if you are only using this style that you make suitable variations each time to make sure it doesn’t get boring and repetitive! Something I like to do is play with depth and layering. If you can raise some products, maybe having your props in the foreground or background on another level it makes the photo a little more interesting and means that not every shot on your blog is the same. To achieve the perfect flat lay, it’s important to position the camera directly above the set-up, and that the set up style is fully committed to; if it’s a linear arrangement, make sure the spacing is perfect, if it’s ‘random’ placement, be sure to take test shots to make sure everything is still visible in the shot, while still looking fairly effortless. The light should be even throughout the shot, which can be challenging sometimes.

Tip No.6 Editing
I always try my best to get a shot as close to perfect with the camera, as my editing skills are not great, and if you (like me!) don't know what you're doing then editing can potentially ruin a great shot. 
I only recently started editing my blog shots to brighten and sharpen them, and as long as I don't go too far, I can always make improvements. This is always made easier by good shoot lighting and white backgrounds! I edit my shots a lot more for social media (sharper, mainly) but that's another post all together! I like to use Photoshop, although I'll be the first to admit my abilities are very limited! On my Mac I like to use Fotor - its a lot more simple to use for a newbie!

I hope these tips were helpful to some of you who might be starting out with blog photography, or who are just looking to see how other people do it! Let me know if the comments what your favourite tips are - I always appreciate new advice and pointers!



Thursday, 15 September 2016


These tags often feel like just filler to me, but I really fancied sharing a little more about myself today! So, here we go!
No.1 Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
It's just naturally a mess! I guess, in the loosest sense of the word, it's naturally curly...
No.2 Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
A bit of both! Last time I went to the salon and got highlights, but I’ve been known to dabble in box dyes!
No.3 Do you wear the same style every day, or do you change it?
I used to be a lot more adventurous with make-up & hair in my late teens and early 20’s, but I’m a bit boring nowadays. Clothing-wise though, I think I’m still good at switching styles with my mood.
No.4 Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?
I bite my fingernails and my toenails are miniscule so I don’t do either! I do like a nice set of acrylics at the salon from time to time though!
No.5 How often do you change your nail polish?
N/A – see ‘shit nails’ explanation above…
No.6 Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?
No.7 How long does it take for you to put on makeup?
It totally depends what day it is! For work I do it in about 15 minutes on the bus there, but at the weekend I find it really relaxing to take an hour to get my makeup just right and feel all pretty
No.8 What do you do first? Face or eyes?
I have a bit of a weird routine… I like to do foundation, eyes, concealer, powder, mascara then lipstick.
No.9 Do you collect makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?
I like to keep my collection pretty small and invest in more high end stuff… as snobby as that sounds! Oops…
No.10 How often do you wear false eyelashes?
Not often, I’m crap at applying them. Maybe twice a month.
No.11 Do you do a full face of makeup everyday?
Yup! I LOVE make up, and being creative with it! I find it more relaxing than a chore, so I’ll always have a good bit on my face! I suppose the eye product-wearing varies; sometimes barely there, sometimes full. On.
No.12 Do you wear makeup when you’re home alone or with family?
If I’m coming home from work then I love the feeling of taking off my makeup, but it doesn’t irritate me too much if I leave it on. But pretty much any time I’m out of the house I like to at least wear a little make-up.
No.13 Will you leave the house without makeup?
I try not to!
No.14 How many high-end products do you have?
I think most of my stuff is not ‘high-end’ whatever that means. If it means I probably paid too much for it, then yes, almost all of it! Ha!
No.15 Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you’re getting dressed?
Oh, as I’m getting dressed. I’m not as bothered by fashion as I am about make up!
No.16 How often do you change your handbag?
Maybe once a month? I rotate them fairly regularly. I get bored so easily!
No.17 What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
Normally I have to be up early for work or dog walking duties, so usually up at 6am weekdays, 8am weekends. Going to bed totally depends on my mood; I regularly suffer with insomnia so some nights I can’t get to sleep at all! I hate it…. :(
No.18 How often or when do you workout?
Hardly ever L I get 6-7 hours of walking in a week with dog walking, but other than that I don’t do much - I really need to start to! When I do work out, I love weight training rather than extreme cardio. I hate everything to do with ruinning
No.19 Left handed or right handed?
No.20 How tall are you?
Not very! 4ft 11”  :)
No.21 Do you speak any foreign languages?
I speak a little French and a little Portuguese!
No.22 How many pets do you have?
One cute pooch – my Jack Russell Terrier rescue dog, Hutch!
No.23 How often are you on Blogger?
I like to get on and write at least once good post every week!
No.24 Do you read comments posted on blogs?
Yeah definitely – there always useful in some way or another!
No.25 Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts?
Oh yes! It’s as long as my arm – constantly!
No.26 How did you come up with your blog name?
It’s just my name J
No.27 What kind of camera do you use for your photographs?
I use a Canon 70D and an old Nikon D80 -  I love them both!
No.28 How often do you clean your house?
Well I like to do a little every day and a full clean out every month!
No.29 What’s your favourite colour?
I’m not sure, probably white, or purple?
No.30 Do you swear?
Yes… way too much sometimes!
No.31 What are you doing with the rest of your day?
I’m doing some browsing for homeware for our new place, then hopefully going to NANDOS! EEEK! I love that place!

I'd love to hear a little bit more about you guys! Why not answer your three favourite questions in the comments below?

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