Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Blog Inspiration - My Four favourite Bloggers!

It’s no secret that blogging has blown up BIG TIME over the last two years! I’ve been blogging for the last year but I’ve been following & reading other people’s blogs for a lot longer, and so I wanted to dedicate a post to the OG’s that have inspired & motivated me along the way!
I first discovered the bloggers in this list from their fashion or beauty posts, but I have stuck with them over the years for many other reasons. Whether it’s because their work-ethic ignites my urge to do better myself, or their style is just GOALS, or better yet, that they use their platform for the greater good, I love them all!
There are bound to be people I love but have accidentally missed out of my round up, but the list of gals below are my absolute blogging BAEs of the moment;

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