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Blog Inspiration - My Four favourite Bloggers!

It’s no secret that blogging has blown up BIG TIME over the last two years! I’ve been blogging for the last year but I’ve been following & reading other people’s blogs for a lot longer, and so I wanted to dedicate a post to the OG’s that have inspired & motivated me along the way!
I first discovered the bloggers in this list from their fashion or beauty posts, but I have stuck with them over the years for many other reasons. Whether it’s because their work-ethic ignites my urge to do better myself, or their style is just GOALS, or better yet, that they use their platform for the greater good, I love them all!
There are bound to be people I love but have accidentally missed out of my round up, but the list of gals below are my absolute blogging BAEs of the moment;

K a t e   l a   V i e   / /

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This lady is the epitome of STYLE. GOALS. In every way possible!
She takes ABSOLUTELY stunning blog photos, whether it be beauty flatlays or shots of her gorgeous home! Her style is instantly recognisable and she is a style inspiration for so many upcoming bloggers, including me! Her style is feminine and completely on trend, and I can’t help but want to own everything she owns! I’m literally decorating our new house with her style and Pinterest boards as a the main influence…! Seriously, check her out. You will not be disappointed! In fact, you’ll be ADDICTED in no time!

G r a c e   V I c t o r y   / /

This gyal is the bee’s knees! Grace was the first YouTuber I ever watched regularly and the first blog I ever read – and she has only gotten stronger in her social-influence game! But aside from this, Grace is a huge inspiration to so many since her drive to spread the message of body positivity. An advocate for mental health and eating disorders, this brilliant woman uses her platform for the greater good more than anyone I know. She is CONSTANTLY supporting women through her social media channels and has worked with the BBC to produce some amazing documentaries. She’s working on her first book at the moment & I can’t wait to get my hands on it! #NoFilter!

T h e   A n n a   E d I t   / /

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Anna is the QUEEN of understated style & beauty! I love literally every post she puts up & every video I see in my Subscription box from her! She is so down to earth and relatable, while still being ‘lady’ goals! I love everything about her content, from her home décor to her capsule wardrobe how-to’s! I’ve recently took a complete U-turn when it comes to make up, taking my ridiculous collection of 90% crap, down to a capsule collection of higher-end favourites, and it’s all down to Anna! If you’re looking for over-the-top, Insta-glam beauty, you’ve got the wrong one! Anna’s whole aesthetic (from her home to her daily make up routine) is all things understated, all things lady-like and ALL things stylish!   Basically…I just want to be her!

E s t é e   L a L o n d e   / /

This Canadian babe is a beauty & style OG! I think Estée has been blogging & vlogging for about 8 years now, and I have been thoroughly enjoying catching up on all her old vlogs and beauty videos for the last couple of months. Aesthetically, she has come a loooooong way from when she first started, but her personality is exactly the same! She is so honest and real, and really tells it like it is!
I love her beauty style, which is, like Anna, understated and effortless. Her home, which she shares with boyfriend Aslan, is a real thing of absolute Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern beauty! But as well as all that, I love the pro-female message she uses her platform to spread. She is a proud feminist, who actively promotes people and books that are central to the Feminist movement.
I feel like I really get to know her & Aslan in their vlogs - my favourites the ‘at home, doing nothing’ vlogs!

There are many other great bloggers I regularly keep up with, but the babes above are my favourites at the moment - Let me know who your favourites are in the comments!


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