Friday, 7 July 2017

good enough to eat - my antipodes favourites

A few weeks ago, I received a few samples from Antipodes. I already knew I love the brand from previous experiences, but the 5 products they sent over really, really impressed me!

Just a note, this post is not sponsored or even requested by Antipodes. I genuinely just wanted to share my love for the products I tried.

Antipodes is a skincare & beauty brand that pride themselves on the scientific innovation in the use of natural ingredients. It's obvious ALL of their products are made with high quality ingredients! My skin seems to absolutely love everything I use by Antipodes, so it'd be a crime not to share my experience with the brand with you all!


I’d seen so many of my favourite bloggers using this in the past, and I was so glad when I finally got to give it a try! It’s a great day moisturiser, that I think has been working great for me at night too! I’ve been putting on a slightly thicker layer and by morning my skin is soft and plump - My skin really seems to like it! I think what gave me the idea to try it at night was the fact that it’s anti-bacterial (like Sudocrem – anyone else still use this stuff??) and works to clear the skin and protect it from any lumps and bumps appearing!
Rich said it smelled great too, which doesn’t surprise me given that it’s packed with such great, natural ingredient. The scent is apparently vanilla and sweet almond! Yum!
(Just a reminder that I can’t smell and can’t vouch for this! Ha!)


This came at just the right time, after I started by search for a ‘second’ cleanse to go with my Clinique Take the Day Off Balm – and it’s safe to say they work perfectly together! My face always feel a little dry after using the Clinique balm (probably because I go ham with the muslin cloth most days). I feel like because the Antipodes cleansing gel is so full of great ingredients - including Kiwi, Manuka honey and Vinanza Grape – that it puts back in a lot of the moisture and oils that my dehydrated skin is desperate for! After cleaning off the Clinique balm with a wet muslin cloth, I lather up the gel cleanser and rinse off with warm water before carrying on with the rest of my evening routine!


Having tried it in the past, I was so excited to receive this from Antipodes! There’s something about it that seems to lock in moisture in my usually very dehydrated face! I use this every other night during the week, as my skin is so irritated by the air conditioning at work! I put on quite a generous layer and sit and watch TV in it for about 30 mins, before washing it off with a hot muslin cloth. The feeling of my skin afterwards is almost indescribable, actually. It’s very bouncy and plump, almost like It’s an actual sponge that has clung to every bit of moisture! Rich also said my skin smelled like oranges and vanilla ice cream after using it before bed last week – ha! If you have dry, irritated or dehydrated skin, I can’t recommend this mask enough as a massive treat for you face!

ANTIPODES LIPSTICK- South Pacific Coral & Piha Beach Tangerine

First off, I am in love with the shades of these beautiful lipsticks! I could not wait to try them!
South Pacific Coral is a gorgeous cool toned, true-coral shade, and Piha Beach Tangerine is an amazingly vibrant, cool toned orange! They both look amazing with my pale skin, and make my teeth look whiter because of the cool tones of both shades. An absolutely perfect Summer duo! The shape of the bullet is a little unusual (completely rounded off), but is surprisingly easy to use. The finish is nicely opaque, and is somewhere between matte and satin. It’s so comfortable to wear!
Secondly, and probably the thing that intrigued and impressed me the most – they are completely edible! (I know, WTF, right?)
I was reading a little more about the lipsticks, and I found out that a women can ingest up to 7lbs of lipstick in her life time, through skin absorption and also because the lipstick ends up on our food and drink as we eat. With this in mind, Antipodes created a lipstick that was completely edible, and the ingredients are actually really beneficial to your health! (honestly, I know, mind blown!) Some of the ingredients are: Avocado oil, calendula oil, evening primrose oil and argan oil!

Let me know if any of you have tried Antipodes already, or if you plan on giving this brand a whirl in the future!


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