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New series ‘Trying More of…’

I know a lot of you who read my blog are bloggers yourselves (so apologies for this ‘teaching your granny how to suck eggs’ intro), but I know I also have many non-blogger readers – so this intro is for you!

Whenever I see a hyped or much talked about product release, or a cult classic raved about by my favourite bloggers, I often reach out to brands and/or their PR companies to see if they would like to collaborate with me! Often if the PR or brand agree, and send me out samples of products, they usually send me a few other things to try along with them! This is fast becoming my favourite part of product reviewing, because often I discover so many new favourites this way! To be honest, it’s usually the lesser talked about products that impress me most!

So, when this happened recently with a few products I received from Bioderma, it sparked an idea for a new blog series, ’trying more of…’, where I’ll be letting you all know the treasures and unsung heroes I discover while trying some of the more cult, well-known products from the same brand!

Let me know in the comments what you think of this idea – and if you discover any new favourites along the way!

Bioderma – A favourite for a reason!

I first discovered Bioderma about 4 years ago when I first started watching YouTube & quickly became obsessed with absorbing all the knowledge and recommendations from skin & make up guru of gurus, Lisa Eldridge! She absolutely raved about this brand and always recommended their Micelle solution as a gentle but reliable way to remove makeup and day-today grime!

Having been using the solution on and off ever since then, you can imagine my delight when I received some of the Micelle Solution on the post, along with two other Bioderma goodies! I have been trialing them all collectively for about 14 days now, and it’s safe to say I am a fully-fledged Bioderma covert all over again! 

Here’s why…

Sensibio Tolerance+ Skin Care for NeutralisingHypersensitivity (Moisturiser)

‘Fragrance free formula. Paraben free. Preservative free. Hypoallergenic. Non comedogenic’ - Music to my ears!

Firstly, although this is a specialised moisturiser formulated for sensitive skin, I think this a perfect, nasties-free moisturiser for all skin types! There is nothing about it that is particularly unsuitable for anyone – it’s super light, not at all sticky, quickly absorbed and really long lasting. I was also so, so impressed with how it helped the application of my foundation! I’m really trying to focus on implementing paraben & sulphate free products into my skincare and beauty routines lately, so this fits in perfectly!

I wouldn’t normally paste in a brands claims into my review, but in this case I strongly agree that this product has achieved each one, even in the short time I’ve been using it;

Raises the skin's tolerance threshold.
Normally when I;m wearing a lot of makeup throughout the day and come to remove it all at night, my skin can feel really tight and sometime a little blotchy, no matter what cleanser I use. Since trying this moisturiser, that has noticeably diminished, and I’m really impressed by this!

The sensations of tightness and discomfort are immediately soothed. Day after day, the skin regains its original comfort.
I can fully vouch for this. Like I mentioned earlier, my foundation felt a lot more comfortable than normal because my freshly cleaned faced hasn’t been feeling tight or dry at all!

Intensely moisturises.
Honestly, it really does. My skin feels plump and fresh for hours afterwards!

Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution

‘A soothing non-rinse cleanser & make-up remover. Fragrance-free.’

Like I mentioned earlier, this is the product that first introduced me to the Bioderma brand (as per Lisa Eldridge’s recommendation!). It’s the first micellar water I heard of, and paved the way for many other brands who now offer a similar solution. This stuff is 100% perfect for makeup removal, and always gets rid of even the most stubborn mascara at the end of the day!

It’s fragrance free, which is a massive perk for me, as the older I get the more irritated my skin becomes with fragranced cleansing products! I’ve never felt any tightness or experienced any redness after using it, no matter how hard I’ve scrubbed! I would highly recommend banishing the make-up wipes (that drag and age your skin prematurely), and try this option if you haven’t already! It’s no-rinse, which means all it takes a little on a cotton pad swept around the face, and voila – you’re good to go!

Heaven knows there are night when we come home from work or a night out, and we can NOT be bothered with a full routine. This solution is the most gentle and simple way get that rubbish off our faces ASAP! Add a little night cream afterwards, and you’re donezo!

Sensibio Eye Contour Gel

‘Offers daily, protective, decongesting, soothing and hydrating care for the eye contour area.’

As I’m getting older (I’m 30 in a few months – eeek!) I’m definitely appreciating the value of looking after my skin. As the skin around your eyes is massively sensitive and fine, I’m increasingly finding it to be the area I concentrate on most.

Again by Lisa Eldridge’s recommendation, I love to massage my face when I’m giving myself a little facial pamper! It improves the circulation in your face and when massaging gently around the eyes, can help drain the lymph nodes and reduce dark circles and puffiness in the morning or after a long day at work! It makes a HUGE difference for me, but I always have to remember not to even attempt a facial massage unless I’m using a product slippy enough that I’m not dragging my skin around and ruining my good work!

This eye contour gel is the perfect product for this! I find that although it’s not as thick and oily as a cream, the gel really allows me to give myself a through massage to the area around my eyes, and always noticeably reduces any puffiness I have! I also find my under-eye concealer sits beautifully and does not crease all day when I’ve used this! It’s freakin’ magic, I tell you!

I’m definitely starting to develop dryer skin under my eyes as I age, but this gel is doing a fab job of mositurising, and I’m honestly so excited to see the more longer term results of using it!


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