Saturday, 19 August 2017

TRYING MORE OF… the body shop

The Body Shop have been a long-time favourite for a lot people (Heaven knows how many gift sets my Mum & sisters have gotten gift sets at Christmas over the years!). I definitely think The Body Shop has come a long way over the last few years, and I’m really glad to see that alongside their great ethics on animal testing, they’re also introducing a lot of higher-end ingredients and skin care products into their ranges at really good prices! They recently sent me over a few things to try, and share with you guys. I really loved all three products (like, a lot!), and I think you guys will too!

Hawaiian Kukui Cream

Unlike the eye gel and mask product I tried, I had seen this body moisturiser everywhere on social media and YouTube! I bought a small tub after seeing someone online praise it for being perfect for preventing streaking false tan, as I’m really fair skinned and steak always look really obvious… I can confirm it worked brilliantly!

So, I was really happy when the body shop sent over this bigger tub, as it’s an absolutely perfect body moisturiser for someone with dry skin like me. I can already tell it’s going to be an absolute lifesaver in the Autumn & Winter months! I’m not sure how it’s possible, but the cream is super thick and luxurious without being heavy and oily – it’s an absolute treat to use! Rich also always comments on the lovely smell whenever I wear it…! 

Recently I’ve been wearing it on my arms and legs at night after shaving (as sometimes shaving really dries out my skin), and I always wake up with the most smooth and soft skin – I love it! I’ll be using this stuff for many years to come, I can tell! It’s fast becoming a cult product for the body shop, I can definitely see why!

This is the first tool-based skincare product I’ve ever used. The serum is deposited by pump to the metal roller ball applicator, and then applied to the eye area. I can’t deny that I thoroughly enjoyed this experience!

The metal ball applicator is so refreshing and cooling to the eye area that I think I was rolling it around for at least 10 minutes the first time I tried it out! The benefits on massaging the eye area are huge; it really helps eliminate puffiness by draining the lymph nodes around the eye, as well as helping under darkness by encouraging better circulation in the area.

I have used this product every morning for the last few weeks, and I think I may be addicted to it. It sits on my bedside table, and before I even attempt to get out of bed, I give this a quick once over around my eyes and the cooling of the serum with the roller is absolutely heavenly! I’ll definitely be trying more of the Drops of Youth range after using and loving this!

Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask 

I’d not seen this mask on Instagram or in the blogosphere before trying it, so I was happy to be giving it a whirl without any bias and not having seen any other reviews prior! As I do with all masks, I applied this with a flat foundation brush. I know it probably doesn’t make much difference, but the idea of any grub on my hands getting into a mask I’m leaving on my face for a while is a little icky, and feels a bit like it’s defeating the point of wearing a cleansing mask in the first place!

Despite having small bits of rice in there, it applies perfectly and feels instantly cooling and calming. Sometimes I like to put face masks in the fridge before using them, but this one is cooling enough without having to do that. I coat my face generously and leave the mask on for at least 10 minutes. After this, I give my face a gentle massage to really get the benefit of the oils and the exfoliation, before removing the mask with a muslin cloth that has been dampened with slightly warmed water.

I’ve been using the mask twice a week for the last few weeks now, and it is definitely improving the general brightness of my skin. Also, I’m super happy to report that it’s contains no parabens, paraffin, silicone or mineral oil!

I’d recommend this mask for any and all skin types – it’s not at all oil or drying, and is a great way to give your skin a bit of TLC!



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