Monday, 4 September 2017

september goals

Well, hello September - fancy seeing you here!

Although I do enjoy writing and reading favourites posts, I don’t always have enough of a list of things that have blown me away to really warrant a full post! So I decided to alternate, month-to-month, between a favourites post & monthly goals post. I should probably mention, I was completely inspired by the lovely Kate La Vie and her amazing monthly goals posts!

No.1 – Work on our home a little more

I’ve stupidly agreed to host Christmas at our house this year - 13 of my nearest and dearest will be piling in early Christmas morning! Although it’ll be lovely to have everyone over, I’m still getting mega anxious as I’m nowhere near happy with our home yet :) I’ve been saving to make sure I’m getting the best of everything I can afford, but I have a feeling I may have to sacrifice a few things now to make sure we have essentials in time (coffee table, rugs etc.), and put in some hard-labour hours to make sure all the old, minging wallpaper is stripped and replaced with fresh crisp walls asap!

No.2 – Find a creative job

I currently work as a full-time temp at the moment, but my current contract is coming to an end at the end of September. Although it’s a decent job with decent pay, the thought of carrying on in a boring office job as I enter my 30s is completely soul-destroying beyond explanation. My soul is itching to work in a more creative role, but the annoying truth is, the more experience you get in a job you hate, the more you become stuck in it! I have to do some digging, and some serious networking, but I am determined that this is my time to find a job I love! Obviously, I love everything about blogging and believe my blog is coming along really well at the moment, and I’d love to be able to make a full-time living from it but for no it’s not feasible. One day though…one day!

No.3 – Make some plans for my trip to London at the end of the month

As I’m sure you all know (as I never stop tweeting about it!), I was nominated for Best Blog Layout & Photography in the New Generation Beauty Influencer Awards 2017 – how exciting?! It’s my first blogger award nomination and I’m so grateful to even be nominated! But yeah, the awards are being held in London on 1st October, so I’m going to try and make a little trip of it as I very rarely get to go down to London. Richard has family down there so hopefully I’ll get to see them, maybe even see a show and do some shopping!

No.4 – Work on pulling my autumn wardrobe together

I like to have a little as possible in there at one time, now after reading some amazing books on capsule wardrobes! I need to invest in a good winter coat or two, and some comfy boots! I’m kind of in love with the coats on ASOS at the moment, and feel like I’m going to be doing some major damage to my bank account when I finally cave and get spending on there!

No.5 – Trying to maintain my posting schedule

I seem to have gotten in a good habit recently of posting at least twice a week lately, and I have to say that I love it! Obviously sometimes work and life gets in the way, and I always promised myself I would never put the blog in front of the important things, but I’ll give it a good go and try to keep up the pace as much as I can! On a bit of a separate note, I’m hoping to finally go self-hosted with the blog; going from Blogger to I know it’s going to be either a pricey or time-consuming task but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. Going self-hosted allows you to have so much more control over the look & layout of your blog, and as a super-creative and visual person this would be amazing for me! I’ll keep you all updated on the progress!

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