Friday, 22 September 2017

TRYING MORE OF davines haircare

It must have been about 3 years ago now, that a really bad hairdresser (naming no names!) gave me a terrible cut & colour, but introduced me to what is now, BY FAR, my fave haircare brand – Davines! She sold me a sea salt spray that I was really dubious of at first, but ended up wearing it every day! After I used it up there were a few months where I hadn’t bought anything new from Davines, but then their Oi Oil burst onto the scene, and I saw lots of my fave bloggers and vloggers raving about the brand! 

So, after giving the Oi Oil a try (and freakin’ loving it, I might add!) I reached out to Davines to ask if they had any opportunities to work with bloggers, and they kindly sent me lots of stuff from their amazing range! I’ve been trying it all out over the last few months, and I honestly don’t know how another brand could ever impress me as much again! Their shampoos and conditioners are especially amazing, and I would so strongly recommend them to anyone who’s hair doesn’t react well to standard, cheaper brands out there, who really have some naffy ingredients! Here’s a run-down of the stuff I tried:

PS - I’ve also been providing images for Davines’ social media campaigns, so check out their Instagram here to see some of my handy work!

DEDE - shampoo, conditioner & hair mist



Delicate daily products, for normal hair. With red celery extracts.
I used this super-gentle range whenever I’d used toner on my new blonde hair, so as not to aggravate it anymore that it needed to me. It was great for my dry scalp!

MOMO - shampoo, conditioner & hair potion

Moisturising for dry & dehydrated hair. With yellow melon extract.
This was another amazingly soothing product for my newly bleached hair. Whenever I dye my hair, I get a period of about 2 weeks where the roots get super oily within a day, to try and help out my poor dried out ends. But Having used this for a few days here and there, I definitely noticed a massive improvement!

MELU - shampoo & conditioner 

Anti-breakage for damaged hair. With Lentil Seed Extract.
I think this might be my favourite of all the shampoo & conditioner combos. It’s so nourishing for my hair, and always revamps the shine when my hair feels dull and lifeless. I love to leave the conditioner in for a few hours, as it works a treat!


NOUNOU - shampoo & conditioner


For highly processed, brittle hair. With tomato extract.
I know I sound like a broken record, but this is another must for colour hair. It was especially good for me a few weeks after going blonde, at that point where your hair is a bit sick of all the blow drying and straightening! I love to use it when I;m due for a haircut, as that’s when my hair is most brittle.

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