Monday, 29 January 2018

interiors trend & wish-list - mid-century modern

I don't know if I can pin-point the exact thing that first made me fall in love with mid-century modern design, but what I do know is that I freaking love everything about it! Maybe it's the slim-legged furniture, or the clean lines that still manage to look and feel cosy, but whatever it is, it seems like the mid-century craze is here to stay in the world of interiors, and I am certainly not mad about it!

Blowing up in the 50's and 60's, traditional Mid-Century style has developed a lot over the years, and has been strongly honed in the last 5 years and has had the 'modern' title tagged on the end, to make sure we all know it's up to date.

Photo credit - Pinterest/
Today, the style still encompasses a lot of the original influences. Clean lines, strong design and functionality, geometric shapes & aesthetically-pleasing decor have all carried through to the Mid-Century Modern style we know and love today!

Photo credit - Pinterest/
Photo credit - Pinterest/

The Mid-Century style in it's original form was heavily influenced by many factors. From architecture to music, this style evolved quickly and drastically as a reflection of all the changes in the world in the 50's and 60's. 

For me, I love how clean, tidy and almost editorial it looks in our old, terrace housed. The fuss-free lines of our Jenson sofa deliciously clashes with the old Edwardian character of our front room. (promise I'll take some photos and show you all one day!)

We have a spare bedroom that I'd like to make into a room for me to get ready in, work in and take photos in, and I'm dead-set on turning it into my perfect Mid-Century Modern paradise! I've shared a few pieces on my wish list below - let me know what you all think!

Armchair - Wayfair

Planters - West Elm

Desk - West Elm

Coffee Table - West Elm

Lighting (Sconce) - West Elm

Print - Wayfair

Chair - Oliver Bonas


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