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  • It all about greenery, right? It’s slowly turning into a jungle in our house... (okay, a few of them are faux plants but shhh, don’t tell!)
  • Someone asked me the other day ‘what’s your interiors style’, and it totally had me stumped! I had to think long and hard about it to be able to come up with something specific, and I think my answer is simply ‘clear and changeable’. I change my mind A LOT in life, so the freedom to mix and match my space is essential. What about you guys - how would you describe your interiors style? 🤔
  • I’m really upset with this weather, it has to be said... Anybody else having gross rainy weather elsewhere in the UK??
  • New post up! It’s my Office Decor Wishlist (aka my lotto win-list 😂) let me know what you think!
  • My new favourite 😍 the basket bag craze has me - hook, line and sinker! 👌🏻
  • I’m sure some of you might have seen me mention this book in my Insta Stories last week, but I just have to give it a proper shout out! For any struggling creatives out there who need a little push to go a little further - read this! Full of such inspiring stories from successful creatives - I’m feeling so inspired! 👌🏻

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