a review of #PerfectCanvas serum by ren

the 14-day challenge!

Two weeks is not normally long enough to fully experience
and trial a skincare product, as I like to see how it acts with my skin
throughout my cycle. But Ren were so confident in Perfect Canvas, and that I’d see the full effects
after just 14 days, that I decided to go along with this and judge it on the 14
days alone! Luckily, the 14 days of testing fell on my usual ‘worst skin’ days
– the 3 or 4 days before starting my period – 
so the serum was thoroughly challenged and, spoiler alert, definitely
came out the other side as a winner!

I kept it close by on my dressing table so I couldn’t forget to apply every morning before my daily makeup application. I followed the exact instructions, applying the serum after moisturising (despite the fact I’d usually apply a serum before my moisturiser) and it definitely made for a perfect make base for my make-up – whether than was minimal, work-day make up, or full, weekend, glamazon makeup! So, to make sure I recorded my thoughts exactly right, I decided to keep a note of a few words or phrases each day, so that could track the progress and speed or the results, and so my review was as detailed as possible.

Here is a summary of my daily thoughts:

1. Fast absorbing and instantly matifying!

I applied 3 drops each day, as advised, and it seems to melt
into my skin really quickly and evenly. My skin felt matte, but really hydrated
from the first application!

2. Sped up my routine

As this serum is essentially a primer and hydrating serum
all in one, my routine did feel a little quicker every day! I made my
foundation/BB creams much quicker to blend and buff out, as they glided more
easily over my skin!

3. Evened out my usually stubborn dry patches

Like a lot of women, the skin at the side of my nose is a
bit of a nightmare. Round the side of each nostril gets quite dry and red,
especially as I come onto my period, and using the serum really seemed to stave
the dryness off massively! My foundation also held a lot longer around my nose
than usual!

4. No spots!

Every month, without fail, I get a hormonal breakout on my
jaw line around 3-4 days before my period. There’s always at least one big pink
minger that appears, but I had absolutely nothing when using the serum!
Obviously I can’t say it was completely down to the serum, but I can guarantee
that the Pro-Biotic Extracts in the serum helped to keep my skin protected from
any nasty bacteria when it was at its most delicate time of the month!

So as you can tell, I was pretty (okay, really) impressed
with this serum. It’s hybrid, serum-primer function is not something I’ve seen
execute this well before ever. I can comfortably say it’ll be in my every-day
reach for a while to come! The serum retails at £50, which is definitely a bit
steep at first thought! But when you consider it’s essentially 2 products in
one, with some amazing ingredients jam-packed in, it’s actually really good
value for money!

And here’s a brief look at all those skin-friendly goodies the
managed to fit in there:

  • Alpha-Glucans rebalance the homeostasis of the skin by promoting the growth of skin friendly bacteria, optimising skin health

  • Agave Extract provides an instant filling effect and mattifies without the use of silicone.

  • Pro-Biotic Extract positively influences the speed and quality of the epidermal growth, boosting the production of essential proteins and enzymes which improve both the barrier function and cell cohesion, promoting overall skin health and structure.

Have you tried Ren’s new #PerfectCanvas yet? Let me know what you thought!