the importance of individuality in beauty

It’s easy (especially in the online, social-media driven world) to take on the ideas and perceptions of beauty from others and their opinions.

At a base level, that’s exactly what the beauty-blogging world revolves around. In fact, this is a concept that all consumerism is based around! But it is so important that we check ourselves from time to time, and realise we’re surrounded by products, but that it’s our responsibility to use them to express and emphasise ourselves and our own individuality and style, rather than blindly follow the ideals of others.

I was recently approached to produce a post for the new online-beauty seller, They are a global one-stop-shop of all things natural, cruelty-free and indie in the beauty world.

I love the idea of this service, as I’m a strong believer that there is really no legitimate reason why beauty brands should continue to test on animals. (Disclaimer: I do use products from animal-tested brands, but I do not think it’s necessary for them to continue this out-of-date practice when so many other brands manage to have almost global reach without it.)
I think what I loved even more though is their idea to base this post around the importance of self-expression and individuality in beauty. It’s something that I think has become less and less visible in the last few years, but is definitely something we can still find if we look hard enough!

Adorli cruelty-free makeup and beauty

Since the arrival of ‘Insta-makeup’ and YouTube ‘beauty gurus’ I do think it’s really important that beauty brands really support and actively promote the idea of individuality and self-expression through makeup. Ideals of polished perfection sometimes shown in the online beauty world are not only achievable, but can also be really damaging to self-image, especially to their younger viewers. The younger generation should be shown the merits of being themselves, and loving their individuality, rather than encouraged to strive to imitate someone else.

For me, expressing my individuality through my make up is so liberating.

I love to find ideas online, and I even love to know and share the latest trends (good or bad!), but at the end of it all, I do love to make my beauty routine my own! Lately I’m completely into wearing warm, bright oranges and reds on my eyes, as it really compliments my blue eyes and new grey hair! I much prefer applying my eye-shadow with my fingers! I always have and always will! This is a little taboo to some folks – I know – but I have the best control and end result by applying this way and feel just that little bit more creative in the process!

Adorli cruelty-free makeup and beauty

I guess to summarise, my message for this post is that I fully support individuality in beauty, and think it’s something we should really embrace more rather than shy away from. You do you boo! In a perfect world we would all feel completely comfortable with our own style and self-expression, and if we take small steps each day, it can be totally achievable!

Have a great day everyone! x

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