all marble err’thing – the trend that’s here to stay!

As soon as I think it’s getting old, I fall in love with
something else and fall right back into marble mania… and I know I’m not the
only one who can’t resist! I think it’s fair to say the marble trend is one
that’s not going anywhere anytime soon! From marble contact paper-covered
display boxes, to genuine marble and brass coasters, our home is FILLED with
the stuff, and I couldn’t be happier!

The latest feed of my marble addiction comes from my dreamy
new marble-print MacBook & phone case! They are gor-ge-ous! When the
wonderful folks from Case App reached out, and asked if I’d like to give their
fully customisable cases and skins a try, you probably already guess that I
made a beeline for the marble! They allowed me to try 4 products, so I gave the
‘design’ function a whirl, and also got a super cute print as a spare MacBook
skin when I want a change up from the marble, which I selected from their
pre-designed range!

They are available in a glossy finish, or a super-chic matte
finish – which is the option I chose! The MacBook skins are made from a
durable, fairly thick, protective material, and the phone case I got fits my
phone perfectly, and is also made of a protective, but chic and matte plastic.
The both just feel so great to hold and touch!

If you’d like to give them a whirl, you can design your own,
or pick from the pre-designed range at – and guess what… you
can get 20% with my discount code LINDSAYD20
… (I know, I know – you’re welcome!