Where have I been? – An Update

It feels like so long since I’ve written a blog post… and that’s probably because it is, so here we go with an update! I don’t know when it happened but I completely fell out of love with writing about a year ago, and lost all interest in my blog. My blog Instagram became just my personal Instagram that I only use for stories because I am horrified at the thought of posting sub-par personal images on there for fear of ruining my feed (sad, I know), and my desire to review any new products was non-existent.

Now, I can’t lie and say that I’m back at 100% and raring to go when it comes to blogging again, but I wanted to write this life update post to test the water a little, and update anyone who reads or is even remotely interested!

So, I guess the biggest news is that over the last year, my interest in photography has grown massively. I’ve always prided myself on my blog photography, and I even won a nationwide blogging award for it back in Oct 2017, but I never saw myself considering it as a career on its own. But over the last 12 months or so, I made it a priority to really sharpen my skills and dig deep into photography theory and master how to use a camera. Since then, I’ve invested a LOT of time in bulking up my portfolio (you can see it over on www.fauxeleven.co.uk) and started to consider the possibility of it becoming my new career. I don’t know if everyone experiences this, but turn 30 was a massive turning point for me; I really learned how to love and accept myself, and also got this massive burst of confidence on ‘no fucks’ attitude. Lindsay from 5 years ago would’ve been far too self-conscious to consider asking people to pay for her photography work, but Lindsay today is giving it 100%, and does not give a shit who knows about it, ha! I have a confidence and pride in my work and abilities that I have never felt before, and honestly I love it!

All this to say, I’ve started my own ‘brand’ or freelancing business – FAUXeleven photography and videography. At the moment, it’s obviously still very small as I still work full time, but I’m working towards a deadline of June 2020 to make sure I’ve got regular clients lined up and at least 3 months of work booked in advance before leaving my current role to go full-time. I can’t express it enough that I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

Hopefully, freelancing as a photographer and videographer will allow me to integrate my blog and social media stuff a lot more easily and I can get back on my game! I’m still such a makeup and skincare fanatic – it feels really sad to think that I would let my blog go, so I’m going to make much more of an effort to step up and get back in the blogging game!