best apps for bloggers

As smartphones grow in use every day,
and the availability and creation of apps grows even faster, it’s sometimes
hard to see the wood for the tree when it comes to choosing the right ones to
help you in your blogging life.

I’ve tried and tested so many over the last
couple of years, and although there are so many great ones, there are a select
few that I come back to, and even completely rely on!

For me, apps are great for a couple
of reasons when it comes to helping my facilitate and organise my blog. I tend
to use them mostly for organisation, stats, creating & photo editing. With
this in mind, I wanted to put together a comprehensive list of my current
favourite and most used apps, in the hope that it might help someone else out


COST: free with in-app purchases available. They have more advanced paid-for services but the basic app is perfectly adequate for me.

GREAT FOR: planning Instagram feed and for visualising how
your posts will look before posting them. You can also track your exact
follower count if you’re over 10k, and stats from your recent posts all in one
place. You can access this via your phone, or via their website,


COST: free with in-app purchases available.

GREAT FOR: keeping an eye on social stats and followers, and
scheduling posts for multiple social media platforms. It has some restrictions
on how many changes you can make to some things e.g. blocking etc., but is
overall really useful for keeping an eye on everything in one place! It also
has a website version, which you can find at – the full site can give indepth reports and feedback on your social channels, but this is an advanced, paid service (but you can grab a 30 day trial!).


COST: free with in-app purchases available. The free version of the app and site has sooo much free content though.

GREAT FOR: their amazing templates for just about anything
you can think of! They have everything from twitter profile banner templates
(pre-sized) to birthday invitations! The app is a great but less-able extension
of the website, which is literally an image-making dream! I made my media kit
on the website and it came out amazingly! I can edit the stats easily each
month on the mobile app to make sure everything is always easily up-to-date.


COST: free with in-app purchases available

GREAT FOR: being my go-to for scheduling posts, especially
for Twitter! Buffer’s built-in url shortening was a God-send before the Twitter
character limit was extended, but is still really useful now as it tracks and
offers easy-to-understand analytics for each post, and allows you to re-post
your most popular posts again, rather than re-tweeting. Currently, the free
service only allows you to schedule 10 posts (you get to choose how many go ou
each day) but they offer a monthly subscription free which will allow you a lot
more/unlimited scheduled posts. I’m definitely considering it…!


COST: free, with the option to pay monthly
for more storage space.

GREAT FOR: being able to have access
to all my files and folders anywhere. I can access & edit them from both
mobile and PC, Mac & Windows, and the changes are made on all platforms
almost instantly. It makes everything so, so much easier, especially if you
work across all three platforms of mobile, PC & Mac!


COST: free with in-app purchases (for
extra filters.)

GREAT FOR: they’re gorgeous range of
free filters, and super-effective-but-easy to use photo editing suite. I know
this is an app that  is super popular and
well-known, so if you haven’t already checked it out I’d highly recommend it!

Lightroom CC

COST: free (basic version of full
Lightroom PC software)

GREAT FOR: making photo edits that
are little more specific or advanced (more advanced settings and options are
available with the PC software equivalent), and is also great for applying a
specific adjustment or adjustments to more than one photo. An absolute must for
photography buffs!