I love make-up as much as the next girl,
don’t get me wrong, but I am definitely a fan of having a face-break from time
to time, and allow my skin some breathing space. I can go without pretty much
any and all products on days like these…apart from mascara!

We’re lucky to have a product like mascara
that your face never really needs a ‘break’ from, and that makes such a
difference to a naked face! When I have no other make-up I think it allows me
to still look and feel feminine, and just that little more put together…

I think I might have tried more mascaras
than any other category of make-up over the years, so I decided to really take notice of my
go-to’s and favorites over the last few weeks and have put together a list of my favourite
5 (in no particular order!) to share with you, along with some reasons why I love them!

BAD GAL LASH – Benefit
This is a cult favourite product, from a cult favourite brand! Bad Gal Lash is a very black mascara that packs a lot of punch! It does get a little clumpy if you apply more than one coat, but I find it’s good enough to wear with one coat. It can crumble a little, but again this is remedied by only using one coat. I love this mascara for use with falsies!
£17.50 –  Benefit @ Debenhams

No. 2 
THICK & FAST – Soap & Glory
I don’t see this one mentioned much in YouTube or blog reviews, which suggests it’s either an acquired taste, or it’s a bit of a hidden treasure! I love this mascara for everyday. It’s in no way subtle, but it doesn’t clump easily and gives me a really flirty lash (which I love!).
It’s one of those beauties that gets even better the more it dries out, but I would never suggest using a mascara past it’s expiry!
£10.50 Soap & Glory @ Boots

I’ve probably been using this mascara since my teens – and I’m still in love with it! It was my mascara of choice on my wedding day, probably because it’s a bit more of a gentle, more feminine black with lots of staying power! It doesn’t crumble and comes off easily with cleanser. It’s more of a lengthening mascara, but doesn’t too clump easily if you wanted to apply a few layers to build up the volume & drama!
£17.50 – Clinique @ Boots

No. 4 


This is my go-to when I want dramatic top lashes! It seems to grab every tiny lash and gives a good coating with every swipe. I use two coats to get a ‘falsies’ look, as it doesn’t seem to easily clump up. It’s very black and really dramatic; a great mascara for the price – a steal at nearly half the price of the others in the list!

£7.99 Maybeline @ Superdrug


THEY’RE REAL – Benefit

Another cult favourite from Benefit! I think this is the most popular of the 5 within the blogging and YouTube community –  and for good reason, it’s lush! As the name suggests, it’s all about the length and volume with this one, giving you the falsies look. I usually use this on my bottom lashes when I’m wearing false lashes, so that they don;t look to minuscule in comparison to my falsie-d top lashes!

£19.50 – Benefit @ Debenhams


If I’m completely honest, I could use my Maybeline mascara in most situations. I think there’s little difference between the higher end and high street mascaras, but lets be honest, they are the first thing in your makeup stash to go ‘bad’ so it’s nice to be able to try different brands and products from time to time!

I’d love to hear about your favourite mascaras in the comments below!