Damaged Hair Heroes

I have been abusing my hair a lot lately… sorry hair! In an attempt to lighten my hair for Summer (with minimal devastation) I recently got a full head of highlights! It looks great, and I can’t wait to get a few more, but it has definitely taken a toll on my already dry hair. So, to try and bring it back to life I’ve been trying some new haircare (okay, a  LOT of new haircare…) and I have a few products to share with you that I have really enjoyed using and that have really improved the condition of my hair after attacking it with bleach!

It’s worth mentioning that these products impressed me so much that I included them in my June Monthly Favourites video over on my YouTube channel; you can find the video here, or follow the link at the top of the page to go straight to my YouTube Channel itself.

NOTE: My hair type; dry-normal, moderate friz, nightmare in humidity, naturally wavy.


I tried this after it was recommended by Gab Lindley, of YouTube channel Velvetgh0st. She said she had been upset after having a haircut and her hair never feeling like it got to it’s old length. She said it takes a while to see length results, which it definitely does, but in the meantime I’m amazed by its repair power! I only use it twice a week but when I do, I can see and feel the effects instantly! Well worth the price! It’s around £8 in boots, but is offer on offer for 3 for 2. Make sure to let me know what you think if you try it!


I’ve been on the hunt for a good cleansing shampoo for a while. Something to make me feel like I’ve given my hair the best clean possible when I wash it. I’ve tried a lot of new shampoos over the last 6 months that have left my hair quite soft, but nothing that really felt like I’d stripped all the product off; sometimes I even have to wash my hair up to 3 times before it feel totally clean. But since finding this shampoo (by accident – I didn’t realise it was for Men until it arrived!) had totally changed that! My hair feels super clean each time I use this, and actually I feel like I should use it a little less frequently than normal shampoos as it sometimes feels too stripped. But it feels great again when I use a mask afterwards. I think it’s because it’s a male grooming product that it probably packs a little more punch! 

If you’re someone who regularly wears product in your hair, or if you only like to wash your hair once or twice a week, then this is the shampoo for you! I think it was around £5, again from Boots!


I was talked into buying this by my hairdresser the last time I got a trim, and although I love it I am so annoyed I bought it from them (Sherlocks Salons – I think there a few branches in the North East) as it’s available so much cheaper on Amazon :'(

Apart from feeling a little bit ripped off, this is a really, really effective repair treatment! I was using this before the bleach and it worked well, but since I got my highlights, it feels like it’s having an even better effect. I save this one for the times when my hair feel really dry and damaged, as this is when I see the effects most. It’s a little thicker than the other treatments I use and doesn’t need as much washing out to ensure no residue is left behind. I’d highly recommend it for curly hair, or frizzy hair!


This is another recommendation from Gab Lindley, Velvetgh0st (yeah, okay, I’m obsessed with her!). She used this last year when she was transitioning from dark brown to grey hair, and swore by it making a massive difference to her hair when it felt damaged. 

Although it’s often the last one I’ll reach for when I’m washing my hair, it is absolutely amazing as a repair product. It’s obviously made especially for bleach damaged hair and makes a real difference in that wash about a week after bleach when your hair feels most like straw! If I use this one I tend to leave it on for at least an hour (maybe that’s why I haven’t used it as much?) and, honestly, the result is great. The last time I used it I didn’t wash my hair for four days, and it still felt silky at the ends even on day 4! If that’s not actual magic, I don’t know what is…! I think this one is around £9, you guessed it, at Boots!

So, that’s it for my 4 best damaged hair heroes! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of them before, and what you thought of them! And if you’ve got any other recommendations, they would be great too!