multidisciplinary digital creative

Who are you?

Hi I’m Lindsay, a digital creative with advanced skills in many areas of digital marketing and content creation. With more than 5 years in the world of digital marketing and blogging, I have developed and perfected a range of crucial digital creative skills that can help improve your company’s online presence and promotion.

What can you do for me and my company?

I am a quintessential digital-allrounder. I have mastered a vast number of digital design and marketing skills, and work to offer creative strategies to promote and build brands online. Digital skills include:

Graphic Design – Advanced photographic manipulation and retouching, logo design and all supporting brand design work for both print and digital platforms;
Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro – Advanced video editing skills with experience in a number of genres, including corporate, interview, promotional, documentarian and editorial;
Photography – Advanced and experienced in editorial, corporate and portrait photography.
Videography – Advanced and experienced in editorial, corporate and documentary videography.

Social Media – Experienced social media strategist of both organic and paid content.
Content Marketing – Advanced experience in content marketing strategy and creation.
Copywriting – Advanced copywriter with vast breadth of experience in numerous genres, including SEO-focused, product promotion, blogging, e-commerce and factual article writing.

What services do you offer as a multidisciplinary digital creative?

I offer tailored packages to each of my clients. Services available are:

  • Social Media Content Creation – copywriting, blogging, photography, graphic design and videography.
  • Social Media Management – managing the distribution of social media posts, community management and paid social media advertising.
  • Photography & Videography – producing high quality, brand focused photographic and video content.
  • Graphic Design – for print and digital platforms

How can I get in touch?

If you’d like a personalised consultation and quote, please contact to chat about your project needs. Skype and telephone calls can also be arranged for consultation.