disappointing products

I’ve been contemplating this post for weeks, and wondering whether it’s a good idea or not to be writing specifically about products I have hated. It’s not something I see a lot from other bloggers, but for me I want to be as honest as I can with my readers, which ultimately means there are going to be some things I try and absolutely hate, and I want to be able to share them with you all, along side everything I love!

Elf –  the whole range…

I only bought 3 products, I was really underwhelmed by the whole Elf range. The
packaging was so cheap and flimsy, but I was more than willing to forgive that
if the products were impressive – which unfortunately, they weren’t. I haven’t worn
any of the products outside of my house as they weren’t suitable, but I did thoroughly
swatch them all on my arm and even tried applying them to my face (to then take
it off fairly soon after…) to make sure I gave them a fair shot. I honestly
hate to give such an overwhelmingly bad review, but after all the hype over Elf
being available in the UK, I was so disappointed when I actually got my hands
on it…

Contouring Clay Eyeshadow Palette

This was really chalky with barely any pigment, even in the darker shades. Each
swatch brushed off my hand with very little effort, and all of them were overly
patchy. The bronze-y colour was okay, but bronzes are the easiest shades to make apparently. It didn’t go at all with the rest of the palette though. The bronze with the pink and purple shades made for the perfect ‘black eye’ look – if that’s what you;re going for…

Lifting Concealer

I got the lightest shade, but it was nowhere near light enough for me. It was very
thick and very …orange – not at all what I expected. If Collection can make an
amazing concealer for £4, how come other brands can’t do the same?!

Instant Lift Brow Pencil

This was just way too waxy, and slipped off my brow almost immediately
– there was no staying power in it at all. When I swatched it on my hand the
application was uneven and not very controllable. The actual colour was too warm to be an eyebrow shade, and I couldn’t look past the consistency enough to ever consider wearing this
in public…
Although it;s more expensive, Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow is 10000000% better than this…

Sleek – Highlighting Palette

I bought both of these when everyone was going crazy for them, and
I have to say, I wasn’t impressed from the get go L
It’s a beautiful looking palette, but
I can’t say either the powder or the cream highlighters are particularly good.
I found the powders to be chalky and quite coarsely milled, giving it a quite ‘chucky’
look on the face. The powder doesn’t look too bad as a little inner-corner
finisher, but that’s not really what I bought it for. The creams are a really
weird consistency, feeling a bit greasy, and just generally ‘cheap’ to the
touch. Also, and I might just be being an old fart here, but I am in no way interested in a purple highlight…I mean, just why?! I know so many people love these palettes, but for me it was all Hype
and no substance! 

– Volume Shampoo

During the first three or four washes this stuff was great,
although I was always a little more impressed with the conditioner that I
bought with it.  

But the more I washed my hair with it, the more I felt like my
hair was becoming really dry and was getting greasy at the roots so quickly –
before the end of the first day usually! It doesn’t take an expert to be able
to see that it was stripping my hair way too much. I wanted it as an every-wash
product, to allow me to have consistently clean hair, but this is now something
I can only use to wash a hair masque out, otherwise I’m left looking and
feeling like a scarecrow with straw for hair…

Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Lipstick in Ex-Supermodel

I got this last Christmas as a gift from my sister (sorry Ash…). and I was so excited just to own it! At the time I was a fan of Jeffree’s (I’m not now, but that’s for another day!) and loved the thought of what he described as a ‘highly pigmented, opaque matte lipstick’.
It is definitely opaque, I’ll give him that, but it is by far THE single most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn on my lips! I don’t know mine was just a dud, but it was full of a strange grainy substance that felt absolutely vile when I applied the lipstick. I’ve tried it multiple times just to make sure it wasn’t the top layer, but no – it’s still absolutely effing gross… I don’t think you can really pick it up in the swatch below, but honestly, whatever that granule-y  it was minging!
Also, the colour is a lot more ‘Barbie-pink’ that it looks in the swatch. It honestly looked and felt like cheap kiddie makeup.
To top it off the packaging felt cheap and nasty too! I was so, so disappointed in this lipstick!

So that’s enough of my product-bashing for one day – glad I got it out of my system! Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? I’d love to hear what you’re thoughts are on them – whether you agree or disagree!