So, KIKO has been a well known brand for a long time now, and I’ve been meaning to try it for a couple of years but never really…well, never really got around to it!

I’ve seen a lot of mentions of it on YouTube especially, with a lot of KIKO products appearing in monthly favourites etc., and the overwhelming majority of YouTubers seem to love the brand for being such great quality for a really reasonable price point! A few weeks ago I visited the KIKO shop in Newcastle and decided to see what all the fuss was about!

DOUBLE DARE Eyeshadow & Eyeliner – 01

I’d been eyeing up a couple of things online in their sale, but the minimum spend for online ordering was £25. As I hadn’t tried the brand before, I didn’t want to commit to buying so much (I would have got a LOT in the sale for £25 – they REALLY drop the prices!), so I decided to stop by the store and have a sniff around in person…

Before going into my opinion on the products, I just wanted to mention that during the initial visit, and all subsequent visits since, the staff have been so lovely! Not at all pressuring and really helpful if I ever I had anything to ask!

FALSE LASHES CONCENTRATE Volume & Definition Top Coat Mascara – Black

I tried a few different things during my first trip and came home with some sale mascara (WHICH I LOVE!) and an orange powder eyeshadow to try. Since then I have been back and bought quite a bit more from the sale and can honestly say I love and use every single thing!

IN THE SHADE Eyeshadow & Kajal – 01

The double-eyeshadow stick is my most recent purchase, and I love it! The darker mauve cream stick eyeshadow glides on beautiful and only took a couple of finger dabs to blend out to perfection! The other end is meant to be an eyeliner (or waterliner) but I used this on the inner corner and it was beautiful.

BLENDING WAVE Multicolour Blush – 02

I think my favourite product to date though is the blush! It’s a two-in-one (if you want to use both shades separately) but swished together they are beautiful! I’ve never had a more perfectly matched blusher for my skin tone and dryness – it’s just amazing! Not at all chalky and really easily controllable when you apply!


Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried KIKO, what you tried and what you think of it!

Thanks for reading!


HIGH PIGMENT Wet & Dry Eyeshadow – 20 (Orange) & 04 (Pearl)