five changes I’ve made to help become a happier person

Happiness – it’s something that can mean completely
different things between one person and the next.

For some people it comes from living as simple a life as
possible, whether that be living with less stuff, or living without social media.
But for others, it can be so difficult to achieve, or to even recognise a lack
of in their life. I think I can safely say I am the latter. For so long I have
been chasing happiness in completely the wrong way and it’s only recently that
I’ve made a conscious effort to change my bad habits and rid myself of
everything that prevents me from feeling happy. Somethings had to change

If I’m honest with myself, there are probably hundreds of
things I’ve been doing wrong, that have probably added to my unhappiness rather
than help me get closer to achieving it. I’ve maintained many toxic friendships
with negative & jealous people, I’ve gotten into the habit of putting
myself down before anyone else has the chance to, I’ve given up on so many of
my dreams to make life easier for other people – these are all things that I
know will need lots of work, but that are already improving since making a few
changes in my life.

Here are just 5 of the life changes I’ve made to help me
become a happier person:

No.1 – I stopped watching the news…

My Dad is 74, and grew up in a completely different world to
what we know now. He said something in passing a few years ago, that has stuck
with me all this time, and is something I think about almost daily. He said
something like, ‘with the internet, TV & media in general, we all have to
share in so many other people’s sorrows than we used to. Humans are not capable
of taking on all this sadness…’. It’s so true right? 50 years ago, you only
really heard about the tragedies of those in your immediate friends &
family group – but now we all see/hear/read about probably 100s of awful things
a day that happen around the world. I personally needed to admit to myself I
can’t take it. I now completely ignore the news 99% of the time, and the same
with sad stories, charity campaigns etc. on the internet. I doesn’t mean I
don’t care – in fact, it’s because I care too much!

No.2 – Talking more to the people I love

It’s a sad, and all too well-known fact that as an adult we
get stuck into mundane everyday routines, often full of things we hate doing.
These things quickly fill up our time, and before we know it, time with our
family & friends becomes a lot less or a priority. Well, for me it did
anyway. And it meant that my whole life balance was thrown off kilter and it
was making me feel so, so down. Now, Rich and I try and have at least 1 night a
week where we have dinner together, watch TV together and make sure we go to
bed together. My next target is to see my parents and sisters at least twice a
week.  These are the people I love and
who have been closet to me throughout my life, why should they take a backseat
when being with them brings me so much joy?

No.3 – Ending friendships with the wrong people…

Both online and in real life, I had made a few friends who
were particularly toxic to me as a person. They were all similar in that they
were generally negative, and all seemed to thrive on judgement of
others. It was really starting affect me negatively. So I had to force myself
to make a conscious effort to eliminate their ‘bad vibes’ from my life. There’s
still some work to do but I’m well on my way to surrounding myself with ‘good
vibes only’!

No.4 – Taking better care of my body & mind

Like a lot of people, the changing of seasons from Summer to
Autumn plays havoc on my mood and general sense of well-being. It happens the
same way, at around the same time every year. So this year I wanted to take
some proactive steps towards helping my mood, and began making ‘me-time’ a
higher priority in my week. A month or so ago, I took my first ever ‘mental
health day’ from work, and it actually felt so liberating to be able to admit
to my manager that my mind just wasn’t in the right place to be at work that
day. I think she really appreciated my honesty! I just started a new job, so my
dedicated self-care time has gone out of the window a little the last
fortnight, but I’m making sure that this weekend, I’ll get make to it by
setting a few hours aside to do exactly whatever the hell I want… I can’t wait!

No.5 – Using my time to un-apologetically do what I love…whatever
that is at the time

This mainly relates to blogging because before I decided to
make changes in my life to improve my happiness, I was putting a LOT of
pressure on myself when it came being consistent with my posts. I had to force
myself to take a huge step back and reassess how I felt about this hobby, and
it turns out I absolutely love it…it just hated the way it was beginning to
become a chore. So, I simply had to give myself permission to work on my blog
whenever I felt in the mood, whenever I was inspired. Aside from blogging
though, I also love to sing (specifically musical theatre)! I’ve been away from
Musical Theatre for quite a few years now, but it’s definitely something I want
to revisit as a hobby – and it’s a promise I have made to myself to peruse
before too much longer!