FIVE TIPS – Finding Your Style

I thought I’d start a ‘5 tips’ series, based on areas I’ve had expertise in, or where I can share an expereince that might be helpful to someone out there!

The first is going to focus on finding your style. By that I mean finding stylish pieces (beauty, homeware, clothing etc) but being able to break away from what everyone else typically goes for to develop an original style that suits you. So, I have narrowed down my favourite tips & tricks to share with you all;

1. Be Open Minded
It’s all to easy nowadays to follow trends to the letter. Of course, doing this will almost definitely guarantee you’re style will be ‘on point’ but kinda defies the whole point of style. Being open minded when you’re out looking for new products – make up, homeware etc – can mean you can gradually learn to use current trends to help form your OWN style. Being open minded about trying alternatives can often mean you’re saving pennies in the long run – yey!

2. Branch out!
Making a conscious effort to try a new brand or product can sometimes feel like a risk. What if it’s a total waste of money? That’s definitely a risk, but once you start to create and perfect your own style you’ll realise nothing is waste of money if it’s something YOU like! Trends, blogs and influencers are here to help you find your own style, not to dictate to you what you should and shouldn’t like.
(It took me a LONG time to realise this…)

3. Think outside the box
This is kind of related to the previous point, but is more about being proactive about creating your own ‘trends’, and allowing your own ideas to have merit to YOU. Don’t afraid to flaunt what you like – After all, this is how trends are started!
This point is really useful for me particularly when I’m looking for homeware; looking in ‘cheaper’ shops, I can usually find lots of little gems amongst the rubbish. Using items for an alternative purpose is also massive style points!

4. Look for new products…
Just because you’ve seen everyone raving about a certain product in blogs and on YouTube, doesn’t mean that they aren’t a great product. For me it’s so important, especially as a blogger and YouTuber, to be honest and open about what I like and dislike. I think it’s all to easy to be reviewing the same products as everyone else, or to have the same things in your Favourites videos as everyone else. In the long run, I think this is a sure fire way to slip into the background. The best style influencers are those who have had the balls to try something new and be totally honest about what they think about it.

5. Look for inspiration everywhere
In nature, in technology, in people on the street. Let yourself be inspired by your surroundings and take metal note of everything that makes you feel good, and let it in to influence your style. Using inspiration from your surroundings is the quickest way to develop a style that is totally individual to you. Who knows, maybe you’re the style inspiration for others, and you don’t even know it!

I hope these help – feel free to let me know your tips on finding your own style in the comments!