christmas 2017 – gifts for couples

It’s nearly Christmas and I honestly couldn’t be happier! The seasonal adverts are in full swing, we’ve had a few days of snow, and the Christmas décor is up, and tacky as ever (my fave)!

I’m about 80% done with my Christmas gift shopping but there are still a few bits I need to pick up for friends and family, and I need a little extra brain power to decide what to get for them! I’m not sure what it is about getting older, but I feel more and more pressure on myself to give great, meaningful gifts to my loved ones every year –  especially for those closer to my age!

I’ve been wracking my brain for a while now, so I was so happy when Groupon reached out to work with me on some great gift ideas for couples! It’s perfect, when you think about it, to get more combined and/or practical gifts for my loved ones in a couple! I always feel great when I can give gifts that have a real, useful purpose, but that are still fun and exciting to receive! So, with this in mind, I’m going to share some of the great couple-friendly gifts I found on Groupon:


for the home-bird couple

Frankly, that’s a couple after my own heart, so this is something Rich and I would LOVE to receive – the Samsung Sound-bar System is perfect for the couple who love their home comforts, and particularly love cuddling up to watch a film or listen to great music! There are also other great homeware and electronics available on Groupon!

for the travel-loving couple

This is also something Rich and I would love to receive! Weekend trips away are such a god-send for the couple who work a lot, and find it hard to find time in their schedules for week-long holidays. I found so many great trips for two on Groupon, and particularly love this 1-3 nights stay in the Scottish Highlands – absolutely perfect!


for the food-loving couple

Who doesn’t love the chance to have a great meal with their better half? I’m a lover of Italian food, so this voucher for a 2-course meal at Jamie’s Italian spoke to me on a deep level! I know this would be a winner with any of my family and friends – and is a great alternative to the random kitchen utensils I might have bought as an alternative! (lets face it, they go in a drawer on boxing day, and stay there!)

for the adventurous couple

Rich & I have a few friends who are true adrenaline junkies, so this last gift has their name written all over it! I couldn’t think of a better gift for them than this Sightseeing Helicopter Tour for the couple who loves to get out, see the world, and have amazing experiences along the way! I can just imagine their faces when they see this!

So that’s it for my Christmas gift ideas for couples, guys – let me know if it’s given you any good ideas!