Homeware Wishlist

It’s no secret that the world is going mad for DIY and home decor during this horrible time, and I am definitely no exception! Well, kinda – if you follow me on social you might have seen that I have a bit of an abysmal work situation at the moment, so there won’t me much homeware wishlist purchases going on in this house for a while. But hey, I’m trying to look on the bright side and prepare a list of goodies I want to purchase to decorate my newly demolished spare room when the dollar starts flowing again…!

While I have you, I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about my new Etsy shop! I’ve been sharpening my graphic design skills and decided to share some on my designs as printable prints! They’re super cheap and quite fabulous, if i do say so myself… you can find them here: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PrintPrintsStudio

lindsay davison blog homeware wishlist

Seemingly my Instagram has turned into a bit of a home account beauty account fusion, and I ain’t mad about it hun! I love a more neutral palette and I usually go for texture over pattern. I’m not going to pretend my homeware style is anything original – I get ALL my inspo from Pinterest and some of the drool-worthy instagram accounts I follow. I’m a bit of an anxious soul and very much of a homebody, so this style suits me down to the ground – orderly, simple and calming! So with that in mind, I thought I’d share some of the bits and pieces on my homeware wishlist in the hope that it might bring you a little inspo. I’ll separate everything by store, for no other reason than the order really pleases me – ha! Here we go:

H&M Home

My ultimate and favourite go-to for homeware. Honestly, they are the absolute unsung hero on minimal, good-quality and stylish homeware. The one thing I have actually been able to order recently is this freakin’ beautiful asymmetrical mirror – it hasn’t arrived yet, but as soon as it does you KNOW it’ll be up there on my Insta! I’m thinking that the spare room/snug is going to be best following suit of the office, with neutral wall colour, but I’ll probably make the accents of the room charcoal and grey. The mirror has a very very thin black frame, so I’d love to get this gorgeous planter to compliment it. Also, to keep things nice and cosy, I’m obvs gonna need some comfy blankets! I love love this one…it’s going on the list! And lastly from H&M, I can’t recommend this cute geo-style vase enough. I got the whole set but unfortunately only this one left – boo!

& Other Stories

Anyone else feel weird that I’m mentioning & Other Stories in a homeware post? Me too! But they’ve brought out some killer prints that I can’t wait to get my mitts on! Check out the range here – hopefully they have plenty left by the time you see this! Also, although I’m not so much in the market for bathroom supplies, I also love they’re hand wash and hand cream – it also looks so cute out on display!


Another absolute unsung homeware hero – ARKET! It’s very much like H&M home in that it is my style to a T! Admittedly I only discovered their greatness recently, but there’s a LOT I have my eye on! I love love love this simple terracotta glazed pot – beautifully understated in true ARKET style! And this off-white watering can with a wooden handle absolutely has my heart!

lindsay davison blog homeware wishlist

ASOS Homeware

Another store I never thought I’d be adding to a Homeware Wishlist, but alas, they’ve got some really cute things that still fit my style perfectly…and they’re a Klarna store – bonus, ha! I first feel down the ASOS homeware rabbit hole when I found this cute wooden speaker – an absolute bargain and bang on trend. They also have a tasty little candle collection that I can’t wait to try – I feel like they’ll be so perfect for the snug! I think the one catching my eye most is this frankincence beauty by Wyx.


I definitely couldn’t list the lustiest homeware without mentioning one of my all time faves, Made.com! It’s the lighting, it gets me every freakin’ time… I really want to get my hands on the blogger favourite, the Vetro table lamp – it’s a real beauty! Or maybe change thing up with this GORGE Collet lamp – just too dreamy! I’m also eyeing up some of there unusual but equally lush wall hangings – I’m especially taken with the Eira Wall Art Sculpture – a lot more wallet friendly then I thought it was going to be!