How to Add a Little Christmas Spirit to Your Living Room

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and for people
who love putting up Christmas decorations, the best place to start is the
living room. Studies suggest that people who decorate early for the holidays
tend to be happier than those who do not. Psychoanalyst
Steve McKeown discussed the subject
and said that “In a world full of
stress and anxiety, people like to associate to things that make them happy and
Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of the childhood.”

Traditionally, the living room is the place
for entertaining guests and spending time with family, as well as for putting
up a Christmas tree and opening presents on Christmas day. And while the
research focuses on those who decorate early for the season, it’s never too
late to begin choosing a tree and decking it out with festive baubles.

However, there’s more to holiday decorating
than simply having a Christmas tree. Here are some ways you can spread the
season’s cheer throughout your living room.

in other foliage

Decorating with fresh evergreen garlands
and wreaths are a perfect way to bring in the holiday spirit. Complement the
greenery with in-season fruits like lemons and oranges to add more colour and
excitement to your decorations. You can even drape garlands around doorways and
banisters, or hang wreaths on doors and over the mantel.

Another great way to welcome in the
Christmas season is to fill a vase or glass bowl with cinnamon sticks and
pinecones, which will bring in all the scents usually associated with
Christmas. You can complement these with gold or marble accents, a
trend I recently featured
. Gold and marble go
great with natural décor, and can easily add a sense of elegance to your living

and behold

Christmas lights are one great example of
classic holiday decor. Ideal
Home Magazine recommends using honey-coloured lights
to add warmth and
holiday cheer to your living room. You can drape them from the ceiling and
around mirrors, or intertwine them with the branches of houseplants and
Christmas wreaths. The glow from the lights will also bring out the charm in
your Christmas tree and baubles.

Complement them with ornamental candles in
Christmas lanterns, and you’ve got a picturesque holiday scene.

your mantelpiece

Another key place to decorate for the
holidays is the fireplace. However, if your fireplace doesn’t actually work, House
and Home suggests a number of ways to transform
this architectural detail.
Use it as a place to display décor or even twinkle lights to create a faux

For homeowners with working fireplaces, the
mantelpiece is still a great asset for holiday decorations. Dress it with
cheery cyclamen, eucalyptus, and other festive ornaments and evergreens. You
can even transform it entirely by changing your fire surround. Screwfix
has a comprehensive range of fireplace surrounds
that are built out of
materials such as oak and pine which are both synonymous with Christmas. Using
a material such as oak or pine in your living room will not only add a bit of
class, it will also add a bit of festive spirit too just waiting to be draped
in Christmas decorations.

a personal touch

Last but not least, add a personal touch to
your home. Christmas is a time for making memories with family and friends, so
why not showcase those memories in the living room itself?

Display Christmas photos and pretty holiday
cards by placing them on tables or doorways, or pin them onto your Christmas
tree. Alternatively, Reader’s
Digest recommends stringing them together
to drape on walls, or pinning
them onto your Christmas lights.

In addition, another holiday décor idea is to
transform old favourites to match the season. Fill a bookcase with photographs
or holiday ornaments, or use vases to hold candy canes (sweets) and other
Christmas treats.

Did you like these ideas, or do you have
any of your own to share? Feel free to give suggestions in our comments section