How to improve your DA score as a blogger

How to improve your DA Score

It’s a big deal – let’s be honest. We all want to know how to improve your DA Score, and improve our chances of being discovered more online. Let’s have a chat through the best ways I’ve found to do this!

Firstly, what the heck is it?!

It’s a metric created by MOZ that reflects your place in the Google ranks. MOZ allocates each website a Domain Authority score (DA score), and each page of the website a Page Authority score (PA score). If you’re a blogger, and you’ve never checked these scores, go do it now! You can check your scores on MOZ here:

Please note: this will only give you an accurate score if you own & use your own domain, i.e. your site address is not If you input an address with either or, you’ll see the DA score of either WordPress or Blogger, not your own DA. Buying your own domain is really cheap and fairly easy to install, and a great way to start to build a more professional appearance of your blog. And of course, this way you can start to build a DA score too!

Despite what some people say, your DA score is something you should be working on if you’re REALLY serious about getting your blog out there. It’s Google’s way of measuring a website’s quality, and how popular it is by counting the amount of links that are made from other sites back to your
blog or website, and the quality of the content on there. The link back is ‘worth’ more in this measure if it is from strong site, that has a good DA score itself. This shows google that the link
is trusted & popular, and therefore that your site is trusted &

Basically, if you’re not trying your hardest to rank in a google search, then your blog & it’s posts will almost definitely never be found organically, and any growth will depend entirely on how much time you spend slogging your guts on social media, spamming away to anyone who’ll listen – your audience will be limited and fragile, to say the least!

It’s important to a lot of PR companies & brands you might want to collaborate with, because it’s the most accurate way to try to ensure they get best value for ‘money’ (when they pay, that is…).
It means that the blog post you write for them will have a ‘permanent’ place on the internet, and depending on your score, will come up at differing points of google searches – the higher your DA score, the sooner in the results it will rank! It’s one of the only measurable you can’t fake, or buy your way to, so it’s the first port of call for a lot folks in the industry when they’re deciding if they want to work with you.

Okay- I get it, it’s important! Now, let’s look at how to improve your DA Score

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how to improve it… how annoying?!

But there are things you can do to improve your chances of growing your DA score, and put your website in the best standing for a points increase in the next MOZ update (usually every 6-8 weeks).

Since my blog’s 1st birthday, about 5 months ago now, I’ve grown my DA score from 11 to 23, and I’m not ashamed to admit I’m pretty smug about it! But I must keep my feet firmly on the ground though, because as much as
your score can go up unexpectedly, it can also go down! It’s definitely
something that needs to be maintained constantly!

I’ve made a few changes after analysing
habits of my favourite bloggers, and got into a few of my own new habits that I BELIEVE has helped me improve my score fairly quickly, and guess what?! I’m going to share them with you now!

I know, I’m so kind! I’m basically a saint, when you think about it…!

Here we go – this is how to improve your DA Score:

No.1  Read & Comment on other blogs

Not only is this great for out blogging community, and allows you to be inspired by others, it can be great for building you DA score. Simply leave a link to your blog at the end of your comment. It’s better if the blog has a good DA itself, but all links count!

No.2  Guesting posting & featuring

I was always aware that guest posting was a thing, even before I really got into blogging. But I always thought it was just for exposure to the host’s readers, in the hope that they’ll begin to follow your blog too. As much as this is true, and that guest posting is a great way to be involved in the blogging community, it should also really help you build your DA score. Again, especially if the host’s blog has a higher DA than yours!

No.3  Regularly check for broken links on your site

This is something I never used to do, but it seems to make such a huge difference that now I do it every fortnight at the least! This clears out any bad links from your site. I guess it suggests that you are on the ball with your blog or website & that the site is active and maintained properly. A no-brainer, really!

No.4  Internal post-linking

This is different from the outside links I spoke about earlier, and is used for a difference purpose (I think!). This allows google to identify a clear mapping of your site, and shows how everything is inter-linked. In my research, I read a lot about site-mapping and how highly Google rates it! It’s recommend that you link to 2 or 3 of your other posts in each new post you right. You can also go back through older posts and link to new ones, for stronger mapping. A couple of things to remember though – they must must be related links (you can’t link your MAC lipstick review to a post on keeping house plants alive…), and also don’t go overboard with the post linking. Like I said, 2-3 is perfect!

No.5  Format each post cunningly…

I know I keep saying it, but these are only recommended tactics! However, I’ve seen this one a LOT when researching the topic of DA score increasing. And that is to properly format your posts! There seems to be a few things that Google likes, and the are: headings and sub-headings, introductions, always starting a post with text rather than an image (this is more for site mapping I think…) & posts of a good length.

There’s lots of controversy on what is a ‘good length’ for a blog post, some say 300 words, some say 1000+. I’ve personally been making sure I hit at least 500 words per post, but feel happiest with 800+

This, apparently, is because google considers longer posts to be more fact-full and assumes that the writer has more expertise on the subject they’re writing about…

I hope you found this post helpful guys! I want to reiterate that these are just things that seemed to have worked for me. Literally, no-one but MOZ knows what the DA score is measured by! 

What’s your DA score? Do you actively try to increase it? Are you going to give these tips a try? Let me know in the comments! This is something I’m so interested in and would love to chat about with you all!