interiors trend – how to hyyge

Hygge – the art of appreciating the moment…

Hygge is the latest ‘it’ word in interior design trends, especially
in the colder months. It’s a Danish word that actually has nothing at all with
decorating, but rather is a feeling or consciousness of ‘the moment’, and
appreciating the beauty of being mindful and living in the ‘present’. Hygge is a word that
has been used for a loooong time, but has only recently become trendy with the
release of Hygge lifestyle & interior design books and products.

When translated to and used in the world of interiors, it
refers more to furniture and soft furnishings we use that help us get comfy
& cosy, and enhances the time we spend with our loved ones in our home. Hygge homeware and furniture is Scandi-stylish, but highly functional and comfortable all at once!  From
lighting to mugs, curtains to art work, almost anything you can buy for your
home can have a Hygge twist. After working with recently, on an autumn home updates post, I realised just how amazing Hygge friendly their online
store is, and wanted to share with you some of my favourite pieces for creating
the perfect Hygge home!

Hide Rug – A Scandinavian classic that always seems to instantly inject warmth & cosiness into any room!

scandi hygge cowhide rug
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Jefferson Sofa – Another piece of  Scandi-style with amazing comfort points. Perfect to cuddle up on with a cup of hot chocolate!

Scandi Sofa

Teapot – Is there any better feeling than coming in from the rain to a warm cosy house and a cup of tea? I think not! This beautiful teapot is a great way to encourage you to share the moment with a loved one – perfect!

scandi teapot

Buffalo Butterfly Chair – The perfect balance of ‘wow-factor’ and functionality – I’ve been swooning over this style of chair for months now! The quickest way to take decor swankiness up a notch in any room!

scandi decor Butterfly Chair

Earth Scent Candle – Everyone loves a candle, right? Choose an earthy scent like this one as it is perfect for relaxing with after a long day, helping to make you feel grounded and at peace!

scandi candle

Aztec Pouffe – Time to put your feet up… in style! Another perfect example of chic Scandi design, that’s so comfy you’ll not want to get up any time soon!

scandi Pouffe

Floor Lamp – A big part of the Hygge interiors movement was light, and using it to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. When the dark night roll in, choose a stylish floor lamp, like this one, to notch up the cosy in the bedroom or living room!

scandi floor lamp

Scandi Art Print – The perfect way to introduce colours and themes into a room, simple Scandi art like this one helps t make a room feel more personalised & welcoming, while the simple lines and shapes help maintain elegance and style in any room.

scandi print

Fluffy rug – Another Scandi staple, fur rugs are dreamy under-foot on cold winter nights, but can also be used to add texture and luxury more simple, linear pieces of furniture.

scandi shaggy rug

Accent Tray – The perfect way to display all your favourite trinkets, candles & ornaments in an ordered and presentable way. Who doesn’t love seeing all their favourite things out on display?

scandi trinket tray