I’ve planned my first cosmetic procedure…

So, recently I made a big decision… I want lip augmentation.

I have had a bit of a complex about my mouth from about the age of 13, but for years I’ve been convinced it’s my teeth that make my mouth look so small and mean.

Since starting my YouTube channel, and having to constantly look at my face and it’s composition during the editing process, I’ve come to the realisation that it’s my lip shape and size that’s contributing the pokey look of my mouth.

When I was at college I had braces on my top teeth. I loved the way they pushed out my lips and looked a little pouty all the time! I’m hoping that a little filler will be able to help me recreate this look, and leave me a little happier with the overall look of my mouth.

As well as the top lip being particularly small, it’s also really uneven; one side is fuller and more curved than the other, especially when I’m getting my pout on! (see photo above)

I also want to fill out my lips so the profile of them looks a little less flat. I honestly think this is a massively contributing factor to my terrifying resting bitch face…!

After watching a LOT of YouTube videos about lip filler experiences, I’ve decided that I’m going to give it a go. I’m booked in to have lip fillers. This weekend!

I’ve included a few extra ‘before’ photos. I’ve decided to vlog the procedure on my YouTube, and keep a diary of my recovery and results on this blog. Be sure to keep your eye’s peeled for the update coming early next week!

Wish me luck!