july faves

It’s been a while…!

…since I did a monthly favourites blog post, but there is so
much stuff I’ve been so happy with this month that I thought I’d put them all
together to share with you guys! There’s a mix of everything – beauty,
skincare, haircare and more! Make sure to let me know in the comments if we
have any matching July favourites!

Sukin Purifying Body Scrub

I was sent this a while back, and was so excited to see just
how natural it was. As some of you might know, I’m on a bit of a missions to
over haul my skin care and beauty regime to kick out as many nasties as possible
– and this fits the bill perfectly!

It has tiny, tiny particles of bamboo and walnut shell to
gentle exfoliate your skin, with calming and moisturising from the chamomile
& rose hip! It’s been a god-send for preparing my skin before self-tanning!

Skinny Dip Makeup

The Skinny Dip team sent these about 5 weeks ago now, and I
havne;t stopped using them ever since! All four of them just feel like the
perfect fit for the contours of my face, so much that all my other base and
contour brushes have been pushed to the side for now! I think my fave is the ‘Flat-Out
Fabulous’ flat kabuki brush. It applies my foundation perfectly – I’m in love!

Also in the set are:

Fleek Bones – For precise cheekbone application.

Call My Buff – Blends product over the cheeks.

Blend The Rules – A powder cheek brush.

Lom Illuminating Concealer (Alabaster)

I bought this in the Space NK sale a few weeks ago, and have
been using it on the daily to make myself look a little more awake during the work
week, without making my eyes look dry-as-hell! It’s a super-light formula that
is absolutely magic at brightening my undereyes. But don’t put it anywhere near
spots – it’s basically the equivalent of pointing directly at them! I’ve also
noticed it doing absolute wonders for my fine lines!

It’s full of luxe ingredients, as you would expect from Eve
Lom – including: fruit stem cell extracts, vitamins, minerals, caffeine, white
tea and essential oils.

Burt’s Bees Intense
Hydration Mask

I always have a bit of a nightmare with dry skin patches on
my face in the Summer, so I was chuffed to receive this mask from Burts Bees to
try out – and Hallelujah, it works wonders for me! I saw a notable difference
by the second use, and have been wearing it for 15 minutes before bed every
other night for the last fortnight!

This is another no-nasties brand that has been a favourite of mine for years, and this mask in particular
is 99% natural and plant based – music to my ears!

Abercrombie & Fitch – First Instinct Perfume

As any regular readers might remember me saying, my sense of
smell is awful – almost non-existent! So whenever I receive a perfume to try, I
always like to judge them by the amount of comments and compliments I receive
while I’m wearing them… and I’m not exaggerating when I say I can’t wear this a
day without everyone mentioning how good it smells! My colleagues tell me it’s really
fresh and fruity, and really uplifting! One of them even went out to buy it the
first day I wore it!

A&F describe this perfume as: “A sweet composition is
led by juicy notes of passion fruit and grapefruit zest, stirred with the
citrus-floral character of magnolia flower. In the heart, a sunny blend of
orange flower.” Sounds like the perfect Summer fragrance to me!

Leather & Thread Purse

Basically, this is the snazziest, most chic thing I own and
I’m forever showing it off to family and friends! L&T were recently
appealing for bloggers to review their personalised leather products earlier
this year, so I jumped at the chance to give them a try!
The Signo Purse is a single pocket handmade leather purse with my initials on the back. It holds my daily cards and change perfectly, and I can’t wait to take it on my up-coming jollies! L&T have lots of gorgeous leather products on their online store – go take a look!

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

I’ve been a huge fan of The Body Shop for YEARS (I mean, who
hasn’t) and was really happy to try out some new products by them this month.
The Drops of Youth eye concentrate is unlike anything I’ve tried before – I was
blown away with how quickly and effectively it reduced the morning puffiness
and helped massively with my dry under-eyes!
Another product full of natural, good quality ingredients (like Edelweiss plant stem cells) and amazing metal roller-ball, pump applicator that is SO soothing and cooling for the under-eye area. It’s literally the most relaxing feeling! I can’t go a day without it at the moment – I’m obsessed!