Life Lessons I Learned from My Dog

I think we could all learn something from dogs. They’re completely loyal, sweet awesome creatures – it’s no coincidence that they are mans best friend! They can teach us so much if we let them. Here’s a list of really important life lessons I have learned from my dog Hutch since adopting him this time last year. I also made a cute video dedicated to him which you can watch here if you fancy!

1. To appreciate small pleasures in life – it makes his day to play with a ball or get a treat. I know he doesn’t have the brain power humans have, but there’s definitely something to be learned from appreciating the little things that make your day a happier one!

2. To live in the moment – He can scrap with a dog and be playing with it happily within 5 minutes, but also the fact that he was left at a dog kennel after his owner died. This could be a real negative turning point in a human life, but Hutch took it in his stride and waited patiently for his new Mummy and Daddy to arrive! He takes every day as it comes and doesn’t let anything insignificant bother him.

3. To love unconditionally – He loves me, literally no matter what! There was one time, we forgot to take him for a poo and he had to hold it in all afternoon and night but wasn’t the least bit angry with us. He loves us for loving him… and would probably still love us even if we didn’t!

4. To be completely nonjudgmental – He is friendly to anyone and everyone, no matter who they are; girl or boy, tall or short, fat or thin. He sees energy and intention when he meets someone new, not clothes or make up. 

5. To stand up for yourself, without being a bully – He takes no shit from bigger, excitable dogs! Sometimes we come across big, boisterous dogs in the park and he has no qualms about putting them in their place if they annoy him. He doesn’t let anyone or any dog take it to far before letting them know he’s unhappy. He never fights, but he regularly gives a warning snarl to any dog that is pushing his buttons!

6. To be respectful – he knows when not to pester or disturb you, but he also knows when you need a cuddle and a little attention!

7. To be loyal – Hutch loves meeting new people and going to new places, but he is so loyal to me and would protect me from anything if he ever needed to!

I have been a massive dog lover for years now, and I am fascinated by their behavior and pschology. They are such naturally caring, bright animals and I am in awe of how much they inspire me. It sounds so corny, but Hutch really is my best friend!

Let me know if you feel like you’ve learned any life lessons from your pets in the comments – I’d love to have a chat about it!