March 2020 Beauty Wishlist

For someone who thinks about, talks about and writes about makeup, like, a lot, my current everyday stash is in desperate need of a refresh. I am a creature of habit (I feel like that’s a euphemism for lazy, but hey, lets go with it…) and like what I like. But at the same time I am a big sucker for lusting after new releases. There are a few particular items I’ve seen circulating on Instagram and in the blogosphere lately, so I have written this, my March 2020 Beauty Wishlist to share them all with you lovely lot… lucky! (I’m a dick.) I’m also going to try and find options for a few price points, because hun, ain’t no-one got time for flexin’ with every item in my makeup bag!

march 2020 beauty wishlist


Firstly I’m ab-sol-utely desperate for some sun-kissed-ness in the run up to spring. I look so ill at the moment – thanks Winter. I’ve been having a look around for bronzers for fairer complexions and came across these options…


Even thought I generally have normal to dry skin, I can never consider my makeup complete without at least a little bit of setting powder. Controversial opinion, but it’s one of the products I think it’s safe to buy cheaper versions of, if you find the right powder for you. I have been using a loose powder from H&M beauty recently and it worked beautifully! I’m really interested in comparing it with a high-end one while I still have some left – I’ll let you all know how that goes…!


Unlike bronzer and setting powder, I find that primer is a step I can take or leave when it comes to my day-today make up. Maybe I just haven’t discovered the right one for me yet, but it’s something I’d usually just leave unless I’m getting ready for an event or a big night out. I want to try using it more frequently to see if i notice a change.


Another thing that I believe you don’t need to splurge too much on is mascara. There are definitely a few cheapies I love and a few more pricey ones I hate. My usual habit is to buy travel size so I’m not being wasteful, but that of course means I need to buy it a lot more frequently!

Let me know what you think of my March 2020 Beauty Wishlist – have you tried any of the products I’m considering? Let me know in the comments bit below!