My Lip Fillers – Sat 21st May, 2016

So – I did it! I got them done!

The procedure was so quick & easy, with just a small amount of discomfort.

For anyone who is thinking about having the procedure & wants to see actual footage of the whole thing, head over to my YouTube channel where I vlogged the day!

It’s it’s 6:30am the next morning. I’m in very minimal pain and my lips have started to swell. I wouldn’t say the pain has gone past a 6/10 for the who thing, which was at the point of the first injection. The top one especially, as that had 60-70% of the filler in order to even the size and shape of my mouth out as a whole.

I was told the swelling should be down 80% in the next two days, by which time I’ll have a better idea of how my lips will ‘be’ for the rest of the time it lasts. My nurse said that they normally last between 3-6 months, with a lucky few seeing results last up to a year, and an unlucky few seeing them deflate after 2 weeks or so. So, I guess it is a risk of loosing money but it’s worth it from what I’ve seen so far. I’ll just have to get all the selfies I can handle over the next fortnight, just in case!

I’m going to put a video together with footage from each day over the next two weeks so that I can track my progress for you guys. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss it!

Have a great weekend