my summer essentials

I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m fairly
certain we’re on the cusp of some pretty amazing weather here in the UK (despite all the rain lately)! Although
I love Summer and the chance to catch a few rays, it does through a spanner in
the works when it comes to my wardrobe and make up! Even my skincare routine
seems to change completely when the Sun has got his hat on! This being said,
there a few bits and pieces I pull out every year that I would definitely
consider to be my Summer essentials –  so
I thought I’d share these can’t-do-without’s with you lovely lot!


the first thing I notice during the warmer weather is when my ‘usual’ make up
starts to become a little uncomfortable and irritating – with that horrible feeling
that it’s sliding off your face! 
the cold months, I like to wear medium coverage base and usually a good bit of
eye-shadow, powder and bronzer/contour, but once Mr. Sun comes out, I just can’t bear
my usual routine! Instead, I find myself stripping my routine right down and
sticking to the bare minimum. I love to use a light coverage foundation, just
to balance my skin tone a little, and lately I’ve been reaching for my
Lancôme cushion foundation and it does
the job perfectly. I mentioned this in my
last post on high-end products worth the hype – I just love it more every day! It doesn’t contain any SPF, but I usually like to apply this separately to be honest, and layering SPF products on top of each other actually decreases their strength! I also love this La Roche-Posay tinted moisturiser, for when it’s heat wave time! Another beauty fave for Summer is obviously waterproof everything! Especially mascara – I like to use Eyeko’s Sport Waterproof mascara to avoid the panda look… #EyelidSweatIsREAL


lip balm is an all-year-round necessity for me, as my lips always feel just a
little bit dry! This happens a little less in the summer, I guess, so I feel
like I’ve got a little more freedom to the type of balm I like to wear. I
recently started using the NUXE Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm and I can’t stop applying it! It just feels expensive (although it really isn’t
too bad price-wise at £9.50!) and so soothing on the lips! It’s quite think,
more so than usual, and I think this helps it achieve the amazing staying power
it has! Also, I could never leave out my old friend Mr. Carmex – this stuff is
amazing, but we all know this already!


have to admit, despite knowing how important SPF is all year around, I tend to
only take notice of using it as an additional step in my routine in Summer time.
I know, I know – so bad! I feel like it’s one product that can be so far to the
extremes of ‘hit or miss’, as some products I’ve tried have ruined my make up if
I’ve applied them underneath, or just feel so think and uncomfortable!

think it’s a little less of a chore to find a suitable body SPF (I like to use
the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Body Lotion, SPF 30), but finding a facial SPF
that isn’t, frankly, minging on the face has been quite a challenege! I’m dying
to get my hands on the Glossier sun screen – it looks perfect! Hurry up and
come to the UK already, Glossier!


used to be something I put so little thought into, and I actually barely wore
them until a couple of years ago, but sunglasses no are an absolute must for me
now! Aside from the fact that protecting your eyes is so important when
catching some rays, they also hide a multitude of sins on those days where even
mascara is a ‘nope!’… So, I decided that I wanted to sniff out some good
quality lenses, as well as good quality frames, and found a great selection at
Settled on a pair of tortoise-shell Boss beauties, but there was so much to chose from – I highly recommend them!


I have to admit, although it is not all that ‘cool’ to be
paste-y white, I actually love and embrace my paleness most of the year. But,
when summer comes around and it’s time for generally less clothes, my
lily-white legs and arms can be a little blinding for all the wrong reasons.
I’m definitely a fan of self-tanning at home rather than getting a spray tan
(no one should have to endure seeing be with nothing but a pair of paper
knickers on…!) and I definitely usually go for something labelled ‘light’ or ‘gradual’,
to avoid too many mishaps! There are two products I’m using at the mo’ which
are doing an amazing job of giving me a bit of colour – they are NKD SKN Gradual tannerSkinny Tan 7-day Tan in Original. The
gradual tan option obviously gives you a slower result, but both have their
advantages, depending on what you’re looking for.