My Tips for Finding the Best eBay Bargains

I have always been a lover of bargains – who isn’t, right? – but eBay takes it to a whole new level for me. I’ve been using eBay as a buyer for years, but I have only ever used it’s for very particular items up until recently, but now it’s my first go-to for most things before looking elsewhere online.

Obviously there are a few downsides to opting for these bargains; they often take weeks to arrive (when ordering from China), and usually there’s a lot of scrolling through millions of listings until you find exactly what you want. So, to avoid as much disappointment and time-wasting as possible, I’ve put together a list of my top tips for finding exactly what you want, for a great price!

These metallic geometric sunglasses were around £2.50!

 Search ‘sunglasses’ and get scrolling!

1. Decide what/if you can compromise on – time, price or quality.

Let’s face it, if you’re buying a baggy jumper for £3, it’s not going to be cashmere, and buying from China won’t have the option for next day delivery! Depending on the product you’re looking for, you can decide for yourself if there are any compromises you can make. For example, I know that it’s not going to cause me any harm (hopefully) if I wear cheap sunglasses, like the ones above, but I would never risk buying, say, diet supplements from China as I have no idea what their regulations are over there and there’s no way for me to be sure they’d be safe!

2. Scroll then scroll some more – some sellers have the same product cheaper the further down you go.

Now don’t quote me, I don’t know this for sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s a thing! Otherwise, it’s just a total coincidence that the exact same product is cheaper the further you scroll through the listings…!

3. Beauty Products from a store rather than an individual

I can’t say it’s totally reliable to buy beauty products from eBay, as there are a lot copies around. But if you choose to, it’s best to buy from ‘stores’, with lots of good reviews. I guess this goes for any product really; to help eliminate the chances of the product being naff, go for a seller with a lot of sales and a lot of good feedback.

4. Check the description!

There are some sneaky suckers out there that have really misleading photos and product titles, but if you haven’t read the description it’s difficult to raise a complaint with eBay when you receive a crappy product.

5. Try misspelling or using alternative words

Especially if you’re looking for auction items, as it normally means there’s less competition as no-one else can find it!

6. Be both non-specific & really specific

For example, I wasn’t sure what style of sunglasses I was looking for when I found the glasses in the photo above, so I literally just typed in ‘sunglasses’ as a search. But if you know exactly what you want and you want to spend less time looking, then make your search more specific.

7. Specify ‘UK only’

If you want to ensure you aren’t waiting weeks for an item, you can refine your search to ‘UK Only’ by using the location preference.

8. Specify ‘Buy Now’ 

If you’re anything like me,you forget to do this at first, then get overly excited when you see a product for mere pennies with free shipping…then you realise and sob into your pillow while you scroll on…