Review // NAKED SKIN Lightweight Concealer by Urban Decay

I’ve seen this new concealer by Urban Decay doing the rounds on a lot of YouTube videos recently, especially from beauty gurus in the US. Everyone was raving about it, so I knew it was going to be a goodie!

Concealer is probably one of the things I am most precious and picky about when it comes to trying new products. I have a very specific criteria, and I’m kinda hard to please! But I have to say that I was in no way disappointed by this little beauty!

If you’re a fan of the cult classic that is Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer, then I think you’d love this! It has the amazing staying power with very little creasing and very minimal drying effect. When you’re considering a high coverage concealer, you have to expect a little dryness as it sets into place. I think the trick is not to put on too much powder to set it; it does need a little powder to stop creasing, but too much and you’re eyes are going to look haggered in no time!

Despite the great coverage and staying power it has, I think the ‘lightweight’ claim is an accurate description of how it feels on the skin. Some good coverage concealers & foundations can feel so heavy on the skin, but this is a lot more comfortable to wear than the average!

The packaging is beautifully minimal. The tube feels like it’s made out of glass and the chrome lid and minimal black text makes it look so chic and rather expensive!

It’s a great brightener, as it comes in a really light ‘fair’ shade. This is, again, something I really need from concealers, as I am very fair skinned. Concealers this bright and light don’t come along too often! I’d say the fair shade is even lighter than Collection’s Lasting Perfections’s lightest shade!

The applicator is PERFECT! It brings out a controlled but more-than-usual amount of product with each dip into the tube. I can do my full face of concealer quite easily with one wand-ful!

All-in-all, I’d say this is well worth it’s £17.50 price tag! If you’re looking for a good coverage for spots, blemishes & under-eye brightening, then I’d highly recommend this concealer! It is available in 8 fairly neutral shades and is widely available at most department stores like Debenhams & House of Fraser, as well as direct from the Urban Decay website!

Let me know if you have tried, or are thinking of trying, this little beauty in the comments below!