Review | Charlotte Tilbury – Dolce Vita Palette

I’d been drooling over this palette for months before my lovely sister Stacey bought it for my birthday (thanks Stace!). I’d seen it all over Instagram, along with the rest of the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury collection and knew it had to be mine! I have grey-blue eyes and I find that warm oranges, reds and browns really make them ‘pop’ (although I hate that phrase…), so I knew as soon as I saw the colour combination that this was going to become my Autumn-Winter go to!

Firstly, I wanted to address the amazing packaging – I really almost didn’t want to use the product because it looked so pretty! There are 4 eye shadows that are perfectly presented in a dark maroon and gold palette. The palette itself is compact and will be great for travelling with! There is a mirror (hurray!) and the overall feel of the product is comfortable ‘weighty’ and has a definite premium feel! The price tag does unfortunately match the premium feel as it is priced at £38, containing approx 5.2g of product (which seems good for a small palette!).

Onto the shadow! They’re all technically in the ‘shimmer’ category, I suppose, although all but the glitter shade are more metallic on application. The shades don’t have names, per se, and are simply labelled on the back of the palette as:

1 – Prime

A creamy, champagne shade that’s great for a base for a simple look, or something more dramatic!

2 – Enhance

A super-velvety reddish-terracotta colour – the showstopper shade for me!

3 – Pop

An amazing Gold/Bronze glitter that isn’t at all gritty or ‘draggy’ on the eye like some cheaper shadows.

4 – Smoke

A deep, warm brown with a subtle gold metallic undertone. Great for a more sultry, smokier look.

All four of the shades apply really well (like you’d expect for the price…), and have a really premium feel and lasting wear. I have tried a few time to apply the glitter and red shade with a dampened brush (I just used a setting spray) and it makes the colours reaaaaally intense – which obviously I love! Sometimes more red-toned shadows seem to be a nightmare to blend, but I honestly never have a problem with the enhance shade which is a definite reddish beauty!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a day-to-night, high end all in one – this is the palette for you!