REVIEW of The Body Shop Skincare and More!

Much like my last The Body Shop review, I have a bunch of things I’ve been trying out to share my thoughts with you all on. For transparency, I am often sent a bunch of things to try at one time from most brands who send me PR samples, but it’s very rare that I love everything. However, with The Body Shop both sets of PR samples I have been sent I have loved every single item! I feel like The Body Shop have been around since I was at school (a longggg time ago hun) and they have stuck to the principle and key products they’ve always made – which is a great sign for me as a consumer looking for reliability in a brand and its releases. So here goes another review The Body Shop skincare and more!

Body Shop Lindsay Davison Blog

Special Edition Banana Nourishing Body Butter

There are fewer time than you might think that I wished I had a sense of smell, but applying this banana body butter is definitely one of them! I resorted to the usual Richy-smell-test, and he reported back that it smells ‘bloody lovely!’ ha! What I can speak on is the application and the long (like really long) lasting moisturisation. I gave this a go daily for just over two weeks and it made a massive improvement to the itchiness I usually feel at the time of year from cold air and dry heating. I remember The Body Shop body butter being such a thing when I was back at school, so they’ve clearly stood the test of time and went from strength to strength!

Body Shop Lindsay Davison Blog

Warm Vanilla Hand Cream

Again another life saver for my dry winter skin was this GORGEOUS hand cream. Rich said it smelled very ‘warm and comfy’ which I think would be a win for me if my nose worked! I kept this by me at my desk for a few weeks and really enjoyed having the little treat of applying it throughout the days. It’s a fairly small tube but definitely went a really long way for me. I was probably applying a little TOO often, I still have over half a tube none the less! It might be my stand out product of the whole review, so much so that I’ve already bought a new one to have at the ready! The consistency is really thick, but surprisingly not sticky. It sank it really quickly and didn’t leave a heavy residue like some hand creams can. I feel like it;s worked wonders for my nails too, which are always so brittle, especially at the time of the eyar.

Body Shop Lindsay Davison Blog

Moringa Shower Gel

Another one I really wished I could have smelled. Rich-smell-test – he said it smelled ‘expensive! really luxurious to use in the morning and not overbearing in the scent department.’ (he was definitely better at describing by this point…). In all honesty, I only used this a few times; I have this weird internal guilt over using lux shower gel everyday – I dunno, I think I feel like I should save it for a special occasion, weird I know. But the few days I did treat myself, it was lovely! Again felt really nourishing on my skin and like the cleanser, obliterated the dry skin feeling you have after a good scrub. Using in this in conjunction with the body butter was a great combo – highly recommend!

Body Shop Lindsay Davison Blog

Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Cleansing Oil-In-Gel

I think I can say straight off the bat that this is must for us dry, thirsty-skin girls. I didn’t find it great at removing every last inch of makeup, I have to say, but as a second cleanse it totally obliterated that tight-skin feeling that comes along with a good cleanse usually. It’s obviously oil based and I feel that makes it ideal for a second cleanse, as it’s got lots of slip and slide to indulge yourself in a nice face massage if that’s your thing! I think they rose-hip oil is my favourite, that stuff always works wonders on my skin!


In conclusion, I’m still a massive fan of The Body Shop – of both their products and their ethics around ingredients and animal cruelty etc. They’ve really paved the way for a lot of the newer skincare brands and are still really unsung in my opinion. I’ll continue to be a The Body Shop fan-girl forever I think! Leet me know what you thought of this review of The Body Shop skincare in the discussion box below this post – let me know if you’ve tried anything I reviewed, or if you’re off out to the shops now to get them!