After watching American beauty gurus for SO long with an envious gaze, I finally got my hands on the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette! I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and I have used it every. single. day! I am a massive fan using of eyeshadow as I think my eyes are probably my favourite facial feature, so it’s so exciting when I find an eyeshadow palette I love so much!

Before I go any further, I can confirm that yes, it does smell like peaches! I don’t have a sense of smell, so this is a second-hand opinion from my hubby, but he was VERY impressed with how fruity it was!

I’ve decided to break my review down into categories to make it a little easier to read/follow – let me know what you think of this format!

The pigment is mostly AMAZING, apart from (unfortunately) the peachy pink colours (Just Peachy & Candied Peach). Don’t get me wrong, they’re beautifully ‘light’, but they aren’t as strong as they appear in the pan.
Obviously the lightest colours are, well, lighter! You can see in the swatches above that some of my favourite lighter, the shimmers  (White Peach, Luscious & Cobbler), are so finely milled that the glitter doesn’t look too chunky & cheap at all! The darker colours are so deep and true to the colours you see in the pans – I love them! The darkest shade, Tempting, is a shimmery deep dark brown. It’s great that it isn’t black, as I find back is so harsh and hard to blend! This is a little softer with all the drama of a black!

Like I mentioned before, the shadows are not at ALL chalky and dry, instead they are so, SO smooth and feel so buttery! This isn’t the case with all with all eyeshadows, but all Too Faced eyeshadows that I’ve tried to date have this same beautiful silky texture!

Application & Blending
With all eyeshadows I use I’ve found that the colour pay-off is much better applied wet. I normally dampen my brush by spraying with fixing or priming spray a little before dipping into the eyeshadow. I always find that this make the colour last longer too! I especially love to do this with the shimmer shades of this palette. For the purposes of this review I tried it with and without dampening the brush, and they all applied evenly and smoothly in both instances.
They also blend really well with one another, which is a huge selling point for me when I’m looking for new shadows. Because the colours are so pigmented (in the most part), I’d highly recommend using separate brushes for application & blending, otherwise you have a perfect drag-queen look coming your way!

Colour / Variety
The colours, as you can see, are just gorgeous. There’s such a great variety of colours but they ALL work so well together! I love that I can have a million different looks from one palette! I think my favourite everyday colour combination I’ve worn so far is Cobbler as a base lid colour, with Caramalized as the crease transition and Summer Yum in the outer V!


This is such a playful, but really practical palette that has soooo many look possibilities and colour varieties. Every single shade is wearable, and the smoothness of the application makes it a pleasure to apply. Apart from the two shades I mentioned, the colour is so well represented in the pans. And it smells delicious! 

I hope found this review useful, and that it helps you decided if you’d like to give the Sweet Peach palette a try! It’s one of my favourites at the moment – I’d love to know what you guys think if you’ve tried it too!