I have to hold my hands up, I’m a little late to the party when it comes to having a regular and thorough skincare routine, but now it’s something I can’t be without now as I approach the big 3-0! I’m lucky in that I haven’t suffered with severe break-outs or ever had particularly unbalanced skin in the past, but I know age definitely begins the level the playing field eventually, and I’m hoping I caught it in enough time to make a difference!

I think there’s a lot of scare mongering involved in skincare marketing, but there are definitely some terrifying truths among it all! I don’t have a SPF product in this round up, but it’s something I always try to incorporate in my daily routine at the make-up stage, even if it’s just using a foundation with a little protection! I only recently found out that layering SPF actually decreases it’s effectiveness, so I always make sure to choose just one product a day that contains any sun protection.

Although products & technologies are more advanced these days, a good ol’ cleanse, tone and moisturise routine is definitely still something I use to base my routine around, although there are now variations of each step that I interchange from time to time.


There are a lot of great cleansers out there, and sometimes I use a couple at once depending on how much make-up/general grime I have to remove! 

At the moment I’m using Clinique’s Take the day Off Balm (I lost the photo – sorry guys) as a first cleanse. It’s a really great balm cleanser that melts make up off effortlessly! Next, because of ‘Summer-sweat-face-syndrome’ I’ve been using an exfoliating/brightening cleanser by Vasanti as a second cleanse, to make sure I’m getting a really deep cleanse. I only use this one 3 or 4 times a week, as it tend to irritate my skin if I use it every day, but my, my – it’s amazing!

Next I apply a really light, soothing toner by Patyak. I pour about a table spoon onto a cotton pad and softly rub it around my face. With the Summer we’ve had, it’s cooling which hazel has been a welcomed escape from the muggy UK weather!

Toner is used to re-balance the pH of your skin after cleansing, and is particularly useful when you’ve been using a heavy cleanser (like the Vasanti) as when it’s taking all the gross oily gunk it also strips the skin of some of it’s natural oils that are vital for balance and maintain that healthy glow we all love!

Lately I’ve been adding the next step to my everyday routine more and more, and I’m loving it! After cleansing and moisturising it’s time for the masque/mask! There are so many of these on the market, and for me it’s definitely been a trial and error exercise to find the right one. But after trying so so many of them, I think I’ve finally found my golden ticket masque! This Cilantro & Orange Pollution Defense masque from Kiehl’s is a-maz-ing! This one works by applying a liberal layer and leaving for 10 minutes, before tissuing off the excess and leaving overnight to work it’s magic! You can obliviously use it how you want of course – sometimes I like to put a cheeky smudge of it under my moisturiser or SPF on those none make up days!

The next step for me is eye cream. I think this stuff is normally automatically associated with older skin, but I definitely think it’s worth investing in a good eye cream from a young age – especially is you have drier skin. I have a pretty cheap option that I use at the moment, from Ponds, and it works a treat! Eye cream is a lot more gentle that normal moisturiser, as the skin around the skin is a lot thinner and more delicate.

Last in the routine is moisturiser. You can of course use a serum in between toning and moisturising on non-mask days, but I haven’t found one I love yet. I’d love to get recommendations, if you want to leave them in the comments! I’m currently using this moisturiser from YesTo Carrots; it’s really light and doesn’t have any nasties! It leave my combo skin feeling clean and soft, with a good dose of moisture! It’s definitely one I’d like to recommend. The whole range is great in fact!

I hope this was useful to someone in some way! I love all things skincare so I’ll definitely be posting about it more and more!

Let me know what your skincare favourites are in the comments below!