spring/summer beauty wishlist

After a few days of beautiful sunshine and warmer evenings, I think we are finally safe to say it – it’s Spring! I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it really does give me a sense of starting fresh, clearing out clutter in my life and feeling organised! One place that is always a pleasure to start with is my makeup collection! I tend to be quite stringent with making sure I’m only using makeup that’s in date (mascara is a killer – they only last 3 months!) bu there definitely comes a time when I want to really stream-line the products I;m keeping hold of, and take it right back to basics!



It’s a great excuse to take a browse at the new-in sections of some of my fave beauty sites, and plan the bits I;d like to pick up over the next few months to fill the gaps of my current tired collection! Last weekend I spent a few hours browsing and watching lots of new-in videos on YouTube from a few of my fave beauty gurus, and I’ve made a quick list of all the Pretties I’ve got my eye on that I thought I could share with you all!


HERBIVORE Coco Rose Lip Tint

I’ve seen this brand popping up all over the place since they started selling it over here in the UK. I really love the sound of their skincare, so thought I’d put this cute looking lip balm on my ‘must try’ list this season! I love a good stay-all-day lippie as much as the next girl, but some days you just need a good tinted lip balm to sooth those smackers!


NARS Wanted Cheek Palette

This cheeky little palette has my name all over it! I just love a peachy blush recently and I;ve seen quite a few try-on videos of this beauty and I have to say, I’m completely in love with it already! NARS blush is always my go to, so I’m expecting great things for it! I think I’m most drawn to the two peachy tones on the top row, but think they’ll all work great with my fair complexion!


BY TERRY Twist-On Lip

I fell in love wit the By Terry brand last year, after trying their balme de rose lip balm, and I’ve been keeping a close eye on them ever since! I have their cheek palette release from last year, and I’m yet to be disappointed by the quality of this brand. It really is worth the hype AND the price tag! Again, I’ve got my eye on this one as it seems to be quite a light and sheer formulation – I definitely tend to keep the matte finishes for Autumn/Winter, and love to let my lips breath a little more in the warmer months. I feel like this tangerine shade will be a great addition to my every-day routine, with a little pop of colour to brighten up those dull work days in the office!


KJAER WEIS Powder Translucent

This is a brand I’ve wanted to try for so, so long now, but the hefty price tag of a lot of the products has put me off. It’s a great natural cosmetics brand that is definitely growing in popularity both in and ou of the blogophere and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon! I really love the idea of taking cosmetics in a more natural direction, so I feel like this is a great way to kick-start that movement within my own collection. Let’s face it the Summer sun definitely calls for a little bit of translucent powder to be at hand at all time, right??

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette

After buying the Subculture palette last year, I’m a self-confessed ABH eye-shadow convert! The Subculture palette was full of super-vivid colours, but this beauty is a more day-wear range full of nudes and neutrals, and quite frankly, I’m here for it! I’ve even bought a few ABH single eye shadows over the last couple of months, and I’m yet to find one I don’t love, which is quite rare for me! I’ve seen swatches all over the internet, and as soon as I can, I’m making a b-line for super super-blenable, super-buttery beauties!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Hollywood Flawless Filter

This product has landed with a bit of a bang in the blogging world, as per usual with Charlotte Tilbury! I remember watching all my favourite vloggers receiving it in the mail in a huge box full of gorgeous balloons and giving it rave reviews from the off! From what I’ve seen, it looks like an amazing products to use on dryer skin, as a mid-way product between primer and base. I can’t lie, it appeals to me! One of my fave YouTubers, Anna from The Anna Edit, seemed to love it, and I always seem to love everything she does on trying it!



URBAN DECAY Naked Petite Eyeshadow Palette

Another recommendation from the lovely Anna is this palate from Urban Decay! Warm shades work absolute wonders for me because of having blue eyes, so my ears always prick up every time I hear mention of a warm-toned palette. Orange eye shadow is fast becoming my thing, and therefore I absolutely have to add this to my ‘slap-stash’, as my hub calls it! Having missed out on the full-sized palette due to me not really loving a lot of the shades, it feels like Urban Decay read my mind with the shade selection in this smoking palette!