To blog or not to blog…?

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for taking a look at my new blog – I have no idea where it’s going yet, or if I’m going to be any good at it, but I wanted to give it a try…

It feels like it might be a really good outlet for sharing my thoughts & feelings when I can’t/don’t want to/would rather not put them into a video on my YouTube channel. I’ve started reading a lot of lifestyle blogs recently, and I was particularly inspired by another local blogger, Emma Griffiths, and her massively stylish blog and YouTube channel. She’s fantastic, and I highly recommend visiting her page and channel!

So, before deciding to go ahead and create this blog, I forced myself to ask ‘why’?

The question quickly developed to ‘What will you write about?’, ‘There are so many other brilliant bloggers, why should even try?’, ‘Will anyone even care about what you write?’. I’ve been dancing around with the answers to these questions for at least a fortnight now, and after a while of self-deprecating doubt and self-discouragements I finally realised that although my questions were valid, the answers didn’t really hold any value. So what if I’m not the best writer? So what if there aren’t millions of people flocking to my blog? It’s a great idea, even if I’m the only person who ever reads it.

I think until now I haven’t realised the true value of blogging (I guess I never really looked that far into it as a form communication and interaction), but the more I read, the more I realise it’s not an exclusive club, and there’s no reason to write only about one thing/subject.

My intention is to create a blog that reflects my thoughts & feelings on the things I love most. And so that you might get to know my just a little bit from the off, here are a list of a few of my favourite things (disappointingly for some raindrops, whiskers and warm woolly mittens didn’t quite make the list);

Beauty – Skincare – Home Interiors – Dogs – YouTube & Vlogging – Design & Art – Music & Popular Culture

So yeah, you can expect to see me writing about these sorts of things – the things that interest me most in life.

Thanks a lot if you’ve taken the time to read my first blog entry – I’m hoping to write fairly regularly, but never just for writing’s sake. I don’t doubt I’ll develop some routine along the way, but for now it will be as and when.

Have a great day