TOP 5 // MAC Products

MAC Cosmetics have been every beauty lover’s go-to for years now. They have one of the longest standing, most popular reputations among MUAs and amateurs alike, and for good reason (in my opinion)!

It would be fair to say that not every product they release is a hit with everyone – some of them are just downright weird – but they definitely have one of the largest collections of staple products. I wanted to trawl through my supplies and narrow down my favourites to just 5 (which was actually really difficult!) & share with you the products I can’t be without from MAC!

LIQUID LIP COLOURS // My Favourite Shade – Lady-Be-Good

I almost feel guilty mentioning this one, as I bashed it a little a few months in a Beauty Haul  video back when I first bought it – I wasn’t impressed at all! It felt like it dried out super fast and wore off really patchy. 

In hindsight I can see this is because I’d literally just had my lip fillers done (the day I bought it!) and my lips were dry & not anywhere near the condition they’re usually in. I was asking for trouble using a liquid lipstick, really, wasn’t I? But I kept trying because it was pretty expensive at £21! I persevered and now I can honestly say I wear this more than any other lip product I have! The colour is a gorgeous nude/peach and it’s IDEAL for pale/fair skin, but still looks great when I have a bit of a tan! It lasts a lot longer now that my lips are recovered, and has the perfect full matte coverage in pretty much one application. I can easily get 6 hours wear out of it if I’m not constantly eating during that time! Well done MAC, it’s expensive, but worth it!

TRY IT IF:  You want full matte lips in lots of gorgeous colours

+  +  +  +  +


I don’t see people raving about this foundation as much as other MAC foundations. I think Studio Fix and Face & Body are more popular, at least on YouTube & in the blogosphere! But I tried this one almost by accident about a year ago, and it’s definitely my favourite of the MAC foundation bunch! I think it’s consistency is somewhere between Studio Fix & Face and Body, giving a really even medium consistency. Personally I don’t find it that build-able, so I only use it on good(ish) skin days. I’d say it’s perfect for Dry & Dry Combination skin, and should probably be avoided by anyone with an oilier complexion. I also find it quite a reasonable price at £29!

TRY IT IF: You have dry to combination skin & want a natural, medium-coverage glow!

+ + + + + 

CREMESHEEN // My Favourite Shade – Pure Zen

As you might be able to tell from the tiny amount left in the tube, this is an old favourite of mine! I’ve had this lipstick for about 18 months now and pretty much wear it every day! The Cremesheen range does exactly what it says on the tin, and provides a really healthy looking sheen and a medium opacity colour, making it a great option for everyday wear. I’ve tried it in two other darker colours and I didn’t think it was as special as Pure Zen. That’s probably down to the formula being quite transparent, making darker colours a little patchy and hard to blend into the lips than the nudes and peaches.

TRY IT IF: You like a natural, ‘your lips but juicer’ look.

+ + + + +

LUSTRE LIPSTICKS // My Favourite Shade – Patisserie

This is, like the cremesheen range, a really wearable everyday lipstick. It’s my weekend want-to-make-an-effort-but-can’t-be-bothered-to-go-all-out lipstick! It’s got a more opaque coverage than the cremesheen colours, but is still very modest and really comfortable on the lips. Patisserie is a gorgeous deep rose that I think everyone would suit, no matter your skin tone.

TRY IT IF: You want a natural-but-glam lip. Perfect to compliment a strong eye look!

+ + + + +


Ah-maz-ing. I love this stuff! I think it’s the perfect concealer in so many ways! It has a fantastic coverage for those days where you really need it, but is equally good at sheering out if you want a lighter effect. The NC15 shade is a perfect match for my skin, and is so comfortable to wear. I don’t feel like it dries out at all, despite me having a drier than normal skin! It’s quite popular in the blogosphere and YouTube beauty world, but unlike some products is really worth the hype!

TRY IT IF: You want and all-purpose concealer to be your best friend no matter how badly your skin behaves! 

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Thanks for checking out my current favourite MAC products! 

Be sure to tell me your favourites in the comments below! Also, let me know if you’ve tried any of my favourites, and what you thought about them.