TRYING MORE OF sunday riley – the c.e.o range

Sunday Riley have been high on my skincare lust-list for a
long time now! They’ve definitely made it big in the online beauty world, their
night oils are all over social media & the blogosphere. Admittedly, I’m
always super-critical of hype products & brands, and if I’m totally honest,
I always give them a bit more of a hard time when testing and reviewing –  there’s nothing worse than trying a hyped
product with high hopes, only to realise it’s, well, rubbish…But, thank the
Lord, this was definitely NOT the case with Sunday Riley, and the C.E.O.
products they sent over to try out!

Plied with an amazing mix of natural goodies &
good-quality, skin-friendly chemicals, the C.E.O. C + E Micro-Dissolve
Cleansing Oil & Rapid Flash Brightening Serum absolutely blew me away! Here
are my thoughts on the highly-praised Sunday Riley beauties!

C + E Micro-Dissolve Cleansing Oil

I have to admit, at first I was a bit thrown by the
recommendation to use ‘wet or dry’ – I’ve only ever used cleansers on a damp
face! But I can confirm it worked just as well, if not better, on my dry face.
I can only imagine it makes it even more beneficial, as the ingredients are not
being diluted, I guess!

It was great as a first cleanse, and removed my makeup
really well! I was a little disappointed by just how much it stung my eyes, and
therefore can’t be used to remove any eye makeup (honestly – it stings like a
mother-fu…!) In saying this though, the ingredients are sooooo good in this
stuff, that it’d be a shame to use it as a first cleans and wash it all down
the sink immediately! It packed with goodness, and includes vit C, rosehip
& evening primrose – so it’s perfect to use this cleanser for a relaxing
evening facial massage! I personally like to let leave the cleanser on my face
for at least 2 mins to try and reap more benefits of its gorgeous ingredients!

My skin felt amazing after every use, and I didn’t
experience any dodgy residue or oiliness after using it.

It’s a pricey cleanser, but the turn of phrase, ‘you get
what you pay for’, has never been more true – it’s well worth the investment!

I’d definitely recommend this to aging and/or dull skin –
the pluming and brightening effects become very obvious, very fast! Another
winner for Sunday Riley – Bravo!

Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

I tried this serum within about 15 minutes of it arriving in
the post, as I had heard such amazing things about it online & really
wanted to try it myself! The word-about-town is that this serum was
super-plumping and brightening, and they definitely weren’t lying!

I think it was about 3 hours after I first tried the serum
that I looked in the mirror and got quite a shock! My skin looked noticeably
brighter within hours! Those of you who saw my Insta-story that day, will know
I was so, SO impressed with how quickly it showed results in my skin. And let
me tell you, it only got better over the weeks!

I’ve never really suffered with really bad under-eye
darkness, but over the course of the first week, I saw what darkness I did have
almost disappear completely! By the end of week one, I could see my skin was
looking so much healthier; in colour and texture!

I used the serum daily for three weeks, and it honestly blew
me away! Although I would recommend daily use of the serum, I would probably
say one week on, one week off would be the most long-term, value-friendly way
to use it. You see results so quickly, that it’s something you can use a little
less frequently!

The summer soon had left some redness and pigmentation at
the sides of my cheeks, which I notice had totally disappeared after the 3-week
trial of this serum, which I can only put down to the use of phytosterols in
the ingredients (along with the rest of the amazing ingredients I noted from
the back of the packaging!)

Again, just like the cleanser and the rest of the Sunday
Riley brand, the price tag is a little eye watering. But for the changes I saw
in my skin, and just how quickly they came around, I will most definitely be
investing in the future! Again, I’d recommend this serum (and the rest of the
C.E.O. range in fact) for dull and/or aging skin, that needs a little bit of
plumpness & brightness!