Update – We finally moved!

Well, we did it – it actually finally happened… WE MOVED!

I think I posted my homeware wishlist about 6 months ago when we first started looking to buy our first home, and fianlly here we are! I have no intention of sugar coating it – it was a long, expensive, highly stressful and sometimes depressing process, but all in all I’m so glad we did it! We have little to no money to furnish it at the moment, or make the renovations and changes I want to make, but I’m just happy to have our own home! Don’t get me wrong, renting had it’s perks and buying a home isn’t for everyone, but the feeling of getting home after a long day and opeing the front door to the home you own is an amazing feeling…

I’ve been buying lots of little things while we’ve been waiting for the big day, and putting them in their new spots has been such a lovely feeling! We’ve bought an old mid-terraced house, so the rooms and ceiling are huge, so we really had to think a little bigger when it came to buying home stuff. I’ve got a few lovely tall plant dotted around the place that have instantly made the whole house feel super homely! There’s also a lot (like, freakin’ loads!) of gold! I’d like to get a little bar cart for our dining room, and I’ve already purchased lots of cute bottles of booze and all the cocktail making equipment I’ll ever need – party, anyone?!

When we do eventually get in the swing of decoration and styling the house, there are a few styles I love that will heavily influence our decor; Scandi shapes and silhouettes are beautiful to me. I love the comfortable yet spacious and minimal style of a lot of Scandi design. I also love classic Parisian style; ornate embellishments to contrast with the new more modern elements of other styles. Colour-wise, I love GOLD and BRASS! Ha! Aside from that, I love dusky blush tones & neutrals. 

There’s a lot of exposed floorboard action happening on the ground floor, and they have a really warm pine stain on them, and so balance out the warm tones, I think some cool grey sofas and chairs are going to balance them perfectly!

The kitchen is super light and airy, with a lot of white and a few touches of black. I’d like to keep the space open and bright, introducing marble and pretty patterns in the accessories, I’ve got gold and brass happening in this room too, with gold cutlery and other accessories. There’s not a lot to do in this room – it all so beautiful already!

Anyway –  that’s where we are up to now! I’m going to put together some mood boards for each room so I’ll be sure to post them here on my blog for us all to drool over together!

I’d love to know of any hidden gem online homeware stores if anyone has any suggestion, let me know!