xmas 2017 – new additions to my party-season makeup routine!

To me, beauty and makeup and colour is like the finishing touch on everything. 

– Marc Jacobs



When it comes to day-to-day makeup, less is definitely more
for me. I really appreciate quick, easy looks that are almost effortless – I’ve
recently been channelling my inner Parisian women this way, as I love to feel
more low maintenance when it comes to workday makeup!

When it comes to make-up for special occasions I do ramp it
up a little, and like to throw a little colour, glitter and shimmer in there for good
measure during the Christmas party season! Recently I was kindly invited by Simply Be to select a few
pieces from their amazing makeup range  that I would use for my perfect party
look, and wanted to share the product I chose!

Party makeup

NARS eyeshadow single The first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful single Nars eyeshadow in the shade KARI; a perfect grey/mauve! I love adding a little drama to my eyes without going OTT, so this shade is perfect! I use it to add some depth and drama to my usual eye look! Shadows from Nars are so buttery and easily blend-able, I can’t get enough of them!

NARS cream bronzer stick

The next thing I found was the Nars bronzer stick. My skin is painfully pale in the colder months, so this will be perfect for warming up my complexion and creating a little Christmas contour along the way! The shade is cool enough to use as contour, but is definitely great as an all over bronzer too! I love the formula of this stick bronzer in the winter, as powder bronzers tend to dry my face out really quickly in the cold!

YSL Blusher

To compliment the warming efforts of the bronzer, I also picked out this goooorgeous peachy YSL blush! When I go all out with my makeup I tend to amp up the coverage with my foundation. Using a peachy blush brings out the blue/grey-ness in my eyes and bring back a little colour to my face that heavier coverage foundation drowns out a little!

YSL Full Metal Shadow Cream Eyeshadow

So, now I’ve injected some colour into my look, it’s time for a little shimmer! This YSL Full Metal eyeshadow leaves a beautiful shimmer on the lids without looking cheap and tacky. The glitz of this cream shadow is SUPER finely milled, and creates a gentle shimmer rather than a super glittery effect. It looks so chic, compliments my blue eyes perfectly, and lasts FOREVER! (okay not forever, but a looong time!)

Now to find something to wear! I’ll be taking a browse through Simply Be’s dresses – I found the most amazing Christmas-red cape dress there last year, and think I might go for something with a little sparkle this year!